Great Book Review of The Conception Chronicles

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The Conception Chronicles: The Uncensored Truth About Sex, Love & Marriage When You're Trying to Get Pregnant is a book that follows the journey of trying to conceive all the way until you become a mom. Whether you become a mom due to good old fashioned sex, Clomid, in vitro fertilization, or adoption, it does not matter. This book covers it all.

Getting Pregnant with The Conception Chronicles

Everyone knows how to get pregnant, right? It's simple; you just dump your current method of birth control and a little bundle of joy will arrive in nine short months. But, what if you do not get pregnant?

The authors of The Conception Chronicles are three friends, Patty Doyle Debano, Courtney Edgerton Menzel, and Shelly Dicken Sutphen, who have all had their own experiences getting pregnant. Written in a conversational tone, the women discuss the journey to motherhood.

The women take you down every path to motherhood. They give you the layman's explanation when it comes to ovulation timing and visiting the doctor for the first time after you suspect you have issues. They'll even tell you what Clomid is and how in vitro fertilization works.

The book contains valuable information about the progression of steps as you journey through infertility. The authors suggest joining a message board or online forum to find other couples with the same struggles as you are facing. They do not advocate any particular method, but instead discuss a variety of methods that can be used to achieve pregnancy in the face of infertility.

Authors Are Your New Friends

Beyond the descriptions of the different ways to get pregnant and infertility treatment options, the authors talk about the different emotions tied into the pregnancy journey. They understand what it is like to have "sex on demand" with your husband, how you become the "angry ovulator," and tell you to have yourself a good cry with your comfort movies after yet another infertility treatment fails.

In the midst of all this, the authors scatter small "emails" from one to another as Patty struggles with infertility. Place throughout the book, it helps draw you in to their friendship circle and you find yourself hoping that each chapter will bring good news to her and her husband. The book also describes how you will feel should you be blessed to have fertile friends, and whether or not you should share your conception issues with your mom or friends in real life.

Small snippets of advice, experiences, and thoughts from other women who have "been there, done that" in the fertility struggle are in the appropriate chapters. Enhancing the points made in each chapter, it shows how real women have struggle with the same issues brought up. Knowing how others have dealt with the same problems can help you.

Good Starter Book

If you are struggling with the path to pregnancy, The Conception Chronicles: The Uncensored Truth About Sex, Love & Marriage When You're Trying to Get Pregnant is a great start. It covers all of your eventual options and how you will struggle at each stage. Littered with statistics and resources, you will be given options on how to find out more about each different stage in this book.

This book has an easy-going feel about it that is sure to help life your spirits as you realize others have struggled exactly as you are. You learn how to deal with the "friendly" questions, the doctors, the treatments, and your husband as you try to make the best decision for your family.

Great Book Review of The Conception Chronicles