Tall Maternity Jeans Shopping Tips

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Tall women may have found it difficult in the past to find maternity jeans after getting pregnant. But, as the maternity industry grows, so too does their range of sizing, from petite fashions to tall and plus size offering plenty of choices for tall women.

Affordable Maternity Jeans in Tall

It can be hard to find a good pair of maternity jeans, especially ones with a long inseam. Affordability is often an issue as they will usually be worn for around six months. Spending a lot of money on jeans with a long length may not be an option as you prepare for your bundle of joy's arrival. But you can find affordable jeans in long lengths and a wide range of sizes at several stores. These include:

  • ASOS: This shop offers stylish jeans for taller women. Over and under the bump waistbands are available.
  • Old Navy Maternity: Pick up some affordable Old Navy maternity jeans in their long inseam with full, roll, or low-rise styles.
  • Target Maternity: Target has a huge collection of tall maternity jeans, carrying several brands and styles at affordable prices.
  • Motherhood: This site offers a small selection of classic tall maternity jeans all under $30 with hidden belly support for extra comfort and stretch.
Women's Maternity Indigo Blue Stretch Secret Fit Belly Boot Cut Jean
Women's Maternity Indigo Blue Stretch Secret Fit Belly Boot Cut Jean

Head to a Maternity Store

You can also check your favorite maternity stores and department stores for their in-store selection. As seasons change, you can often find the jeans you will need several months from now on sale or at a discounted price. Consignment shops and stores may also yield positive results on finding cheap maternity clothing in tall lengths, though you may have to spend some time searching for the correct size.

Designer Tall Maternity Jeans

Women whose budget allows for a pair or two of designer jeans will find a number of brands that offer longer lengths. Extremely tall women may need to spend a bit more to find jean lengths beyond the industry's average "tall" 34 inch inseam, and designer maternity jean collections may offer the right size.

Sierra Lane

Sierra Lane Designer Maternity Jeans offers the chance to search by inseam, up to 37 inches. Brands searched include Seven, Citizens of Humanity, True Religion, Rock & Republic, Paper Denim & Cloth, Joes, and more. Each line offers jeans in the trendiest styles for the fashionable pregnant woman.


Hatch offers a great selection of maternity wear and jeans that are designed to grow with you and still be wearable post pregnancy. Their jeans are designed with hidden stretch so post-pregnancy you don't look like you're wearing maternity jeans. On the site, they have a great feature that shows you the jeans fit pre, during and post pregnancy. Jeans cost around $250 but may end up being a more frugal purchase compared to buying a new pair of jeans during each trimester and post pregnancy. Most jeans are designed to skim your ankle, so they work especially well for tall women.

Search by Inseam

Search by Inseam is a site that searches for pants in your inseam across the internet. Start by selecting the "jeans" category and then highlight and click on "Maternity Jeans." From there, you will be taken to a page where you can then select the inseam you need for your maternity jeans, up to 36 inches. Brand results are then displayed. Next:

  • Further narrow down your results by selecting brand or price range and choose "show results," which are displayed in a new window.
  • To learn more about the resulting jeans, select the one you want to know more about and you are taken to the seller's website.
  • Check out the blog for updates on their various jeans, including maternity fashions, suggestions on organizing your closet, special discount codes, and more.

Special Concerns for Tall Lengths

Finding a good pair of tall maternity jeans in your length can be challenging, let alone finding a comfortable pair in your size. But these concerns can also be addressed with little to no problem.

Belly Jeans

Get your most comfortable and favorite pair of jeans turned into a custom maternity jean at Belly Jeans. A three-inch piece of elastic is added once the zipper or button fly is removed. Sending in your own jeans is perfect for tall women who are hard to fit, need extremely long inseams, or simply want to wear their pre-pregnancy styles.


If you are not sure you want to alter your tall length pre-pregnancy jeans or spend a ton of money on your maternity wardrobe, buy a few Bellabands to wear with your current jeans. Designed to be worn with jeans unbuttoned in the first trimester, as support when your belly grows, and to help tighten maternity styles post-partum, these bands provide support throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

Finding the Perfect Pair of Tall Jeans

Tall maternity jeans are a necessity for women who want to be casual and comfortable throughout their pregnancy. With a little searching, it is possible to find the right size and style for your height. Even tall women with special clothing concerns can find ways to stay stylish during their nine months of maternity fashion.

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Tall Maternity Jeans Shopping Tips