Stories on Teenage Pregnancy

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The Internet is full of stories about teen pregnancy that offer a variety of perspectives on coping with this difficult dilemma. Whether you're thinking about becoming sexually active or worried you already may be pregnant, these stories offer an honest look at the options available for teens facing an unplanned pregnancy.

Teen Pregnancy Stories Reveal Difficult Choices

The United States has the highest teen pregnancy rate in the developed world. In fact, research shows that a sexually active teenage girl who does not use regular contraception has a 90 percent chance of becoming pregnant within one year. Therefore, it should come as no surprise you can find a number of teen pregnancy stories online. Some of these stories seem like the tales you'd expect to hear on an after school special, but others provide a heartbreaking glimpse into what it's like to be faced with a very tough decision.

Teen Pregnancy Stories

Most teen pregnancy stories focus on what happens after the baby is born. However, many teens who find out they're pregnant will want to learn about what pregnancy is actually like, especially from a teenager's perspective. Being pregnant and delivering a baby as a teenager may not seem like it should be different from older mothers' experiences, but teenage pregnancy has medical risks that other pregnancies might not, and dealing with being pregnant while you're in school or living with your parents can impact the experience even more. Learn about what it's like to be a pregnant teenager from the following stories.

  • Teen Pregnancy Blog Diary - A teen mother shares about her pregnancy symptoms and has a link to her video diary, where she discusses pregnancy, maternity clothes, and teen mom myths.
  • Pregnancy and Birth Story - A young woman remembers what it was like to be pregnant with and deliver her daughter when she was only 15.
  • My Story about Teenage Pregnancy - The pregnancy and birth story of a woman who became pregnant with her first child at the age of 13.

Teen Parenting Stories

Raising a child when you're still struggling through adolescence is no picnic, but many teens do decide to tackle the challenges of parenthood. While their friends are dating and partying, teen moms are balancing school, work, and childcare. Some are fortunate enough to have the support of their families, but nearly 80 percent must rely on government assistance to help make ends meet.

For stories on teen pregnancy from teens who choose to raise their babies, visit the following websites:

Adoption Stories

For teens who are morally opposed to abortion yet not ready for the responsibility of raising a child, adoption may be the best option for an unplanned pregnancy. Adoption allows the pregnant teen to make sure her baby has a safe and loving home without giving up her own future goals. Both open and closed adoptions are available, so teen moms can choose whether they want their child to be able to contact them in the future. Teen moms who decided to place their babies up for adoption share their stories on the following websites:

Abortion Stories

When faced with an unplanned pregnancy, almost 35 percent of all teen girls choose abortion. A medical abortion can be performed within the first seven weeks of pregnancy, while a surgical abortion remains an option until 20 weeks. Abortion laws do vary by state, however, so some teens may need parental consent for the procedure.

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Additional Teen Pregnancy Resources

When faced with an unplanned pregnancy, having access to accurate information is critical. To make an informed decision, you need to be aware of all your options. For additional information about teen pregnancy, pick up one of the following books:

You're Not Alone

There are ample resources these days for pregnant teenagers, including the stories of others who have been there. No matter what your personal situation or reason for wanting to read stories about teen pregnancy, you are sure to be able to find stories of others with whom you can relate.

Stories on Teenage Pregnancy