Tailored Maternity Clothing Style Options

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Tailored maternity clothing is an essential for any style-conscious expectant mother. It's hard to look and feel your best when you're wearing clothes that don't fit correctly. To help with your shopping, LoveToKnow Pregnancy has prepared this slideshow featuring tailored maternity clothing from Amazon.com. If you see an item you like, simply click on the image for purchasing details.

3/4 Sleeve Lace Top

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Ditch your husband's sloppy tees with this three-quarter sleeve lace top. Made from a rayon/polyester/spandex blend, you'll be sitting pretty and comfortable while you show off your belly.

Lilac Maternity Classic Black Shirt

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Look sharp in a black crossover top by Lilac Maternity. This timeless classic can be a staple in your maternity wardrobe.

Patty Boutik Maternity Sweater

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Stay warm with a stylish sweater that shows off your curves!

Three Seasons Maternity Jeans

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Denim doesn't have to look sloppy if you choose a dark wash and a fitted leg with a hint of flair at the bottom.

Secret Fit Belly Dress Slacks

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When buying tailored maternity clothing, a pair of fitted slacks is a great investment. This stylish pair is a great choice for the office.

Tailored Dress

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This versatile black dress is a great choice for your maternity wardrobe. You'll look stunning in this simple, straight cut that shows off all of your curves.

Maternity Blazer

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Finding a suitable maternity blazer for work can be challenging, since a blazer that doesn't fit correctly can make you look big and sloppy. With fitted sleeves and a flaired belly, this blazer is universally flattering.

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Tailored Maternity Clothing Style Options