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Pregnancy countdown tickers are a fun way to track your due date. There are tons of countdown ticker options that you can customize and add to your profile so you can share your exciting news with friends and loved ones.

Add a Pregnancy Countdown Clock to Your Profile

Countdown your due date with a pregnancy ticker that's been added to a social media profile of yours. You can add a pregnancy countdown clock to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, personal blog, and signature. This way whatever forum, or social media platform you frequent, your followers can stay up to date on your baby's estimated arrival.

Why Have A Pregnancy Countdown Clock?

You likely have online followers who are excited about staying up to date with your pregnancy. A profile countdown clock is a fun online pregnancy announcement and a great way to keep everyone in the loop. Your followers will be able to see your ticker and know right away how far along you are and how close you are to giving birth.

Are Pregnancy Countdown Clocks Hard to Use?

Even if you're not very computer savvy, you can have a pregnancy countdown clock up and running in no time. Pick a ticker that reflects your personal style and feel free to customize it as much as you'd like. All the listed tickers below have a code or web address that you can download and paste into your profile. They will automatically update.

Types of Pregnancy Countdown Clocks

Each countdown clock or ticker follows your unique time line until your baby's due date. You simply enter in your due date when setting one up and it automatically updates, all on its own. Explore several options and find the one that works best for you.

Time and Date

This website lets you create a custom baby countdown ticker that can be added to any of your social media accounts using a simple web address. Customize your ticker's title, the lettering style, and add in your due date.


Lilypie is one of the most user friendly places to get a ticker or countdown clock. The pregnancy countdowns and tickers here are super adorable. They offer mini and basic sized tickers, adoption countdowns, even toddler-aged clocks to track your little one's growth. This site walks you carefully through the process of setting your ticker up.

The Ticker Factory

At The Ticker Factory you can customize your timeline image with seven standard options and pages of back up designs if you want something more unique. Next you pick your ticker slider which moves down your timeline to show your due date countdown. Add your due date and time and download the web address to easily add this ticker to your social media profiles.

Countdown My Pregnancy

This site offers three simple design options to choose from. Simply enter your due date, select your design and generate your ticker code. If you aren't sure of your exact due date, this site can estimate it based on your last period. If you're looking for a simple and easy to create design Countdown My Pregnancy has some great and user friendly options.

Enjoy Your Pregnancy Countdown Ticker

Adding a ticker to your profile page is easy and offers a great way to update your followers on the progress of your growing little one. Tickers are simple to create and can be added to your profile within minutes. Have fun creating the perfect pregnancy countdown ticker for you to share with your loved ones.

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Profile Pregnancy Countdown