3 Effective Ways of Preserving Fertility Naturally

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Preserving fertility naturally is significant for women who want to conceive, whether immediately or in the future. Find out how you can increase your chances of conception with natural methods that promote health.

About Fertility

Fertility encompasses various stages that lead to pregnancy in women. Many bodily functions work together within a woman to achieve fertility and pregnancy, such as ovulation, your menstrual cycle, and a host of hormones. Some women assume if they have unprotected sex on their fertile days, they will become pregnant. And while it may be just that simple for many women, there are several factors involved. The following are some of the other aspects that influence pregnancy:

  • Viability of the sperm and the egg
  • Health and receptivity of the uterus
  • Overall reproductive health

Fertility Risks

Most women will become pregnant within a year of attempting to conceive. If a fertility problem exists, conception may be delayed. While a doctor must diagnose infertility, the following are some risk factors that may help you decide if you should seek a doctor's advice:

  • Uterine fibroids
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome
  • Blocked fallopian tubes
  • Pelvic inflammatory disease
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Difficulty with menstrual periods, such as painful or irregular cycles
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Thyroid disease

In addition, cigarette smoking, alcohol consumption, and certain medications can hinder fertility. Women who are severely under-weight may also experience fertility problems. Approximately one in 10 couples struggle to conceive and, while infertility may be an obstacle, it can often be overcome.

Preserving Fertility Naturally

Preserving fertility naturally involves refraining from harmful substances, incorporating healthy habits and making adjustments to encourage fertility. The following are some of the ways you can promote fertility within your body:


The old expression "you are what you eat" is often accurate. Your diet is a major component to health, determining the condition of your skin, your immunity, weight, and other important aspects. Concerning fertility, many women become pregnant while practicing poor dietary habits, though the health of their babies may be compromised. However, eating certain foods may improve the health of your baby, guard against complications, and boost fertility for women who are attempting to conceive. The following are some foods to enhance fertility:

  • Tea: sipping decaffeinated tea is a wonderful way to promote relaxation, increase immunity, and support fertility.
  • Vitamin C: vitamin C boosts immunity and encourages healthy conception. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables is a great way to take in vitamin C and other essential nutrients.
  • Water: a generous supply of water is crucial to every bodily function, including fertility.
  • Protein foods: foods packed with protein are rich sources of iron, which is essential to pregnancy.

In addition to eating these foods, eliminating or cutting back on processed foods, supplementing with a multivitamin, and consuming the recommended amount of calories may improve your chances of conceiving.


With so much emphasis on activity and work, many women do not get enough sleep. Insufficient sleep may promote stress and impede fertility. In addition, a worn out woman is less likely to engage in sex, which, of course, is necessary to reproduction. The proper amount of sleep varies from person to person, but is approximately eight hours a night.

Reducing Stress

Stress can hamper health by contributing to disease and illness. Stress reduction is crucial to fertility and, once pregnant, the health of your baby. And while you cannot avoid stressful situations, you can learn to manage stress by indulging in hobbies and taking time away from work to enjoy nature, music, and friendships.


These healthy habits are not an exhaustive list of the ways you can preserve fertility naturally. However, focusing on improving your general health and well being is a good start.

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3 Effective Ways of Preserving Fertility Naturally