Looking and Feeling Sexy When You're Pregnant

Pregnant and Sexy

It may be hard to feel sexy when you are carrying around a belly that would make Santa Claus jealous, but you can be pregnant and sexy at the same time.

That's Not Fat

So often people tend to think of weight gain as equating to fat. This is not necessarily so with pregnant women. Most of the weight you gain can be attributed to the growth of your baby and the additional fluid retention that comes with pregnancy. This is not fat. This is your baby growing-the same baby that you made out of love with a person who found you sexy then and is likely to still find you sexy now that you are pregnant.

Pregnant Boobage

How many women do you know who dream of having beautiful big breasts? If you were flat chested before pregnancy, this may be your first opportunity to experience cleavage without the benefit of plastic surgery. Revel in your newfound bust and purchase Maternity Clothes that draw attention to your breasts rather than your stomach, which is also referred to as a bump. Don't forget to invest in some Maternity Bras that offer good support to protect your back from injury; they can also help ease the aching you may feel as your breasts grow more firm. Take advantage of that great cleavage and show the world you're pregnant and sexy!

Pampered, Pregnant, and Sexy

Nothing will make you feel sexier than a nice long bath, soft music, and candles unless it is a visit to a day spa. Treat yourself to a manicure and a pedicure-don't forget to pick a polish that makes you feel pretty, and then schedule a Pregnancy Massage to work all the tension out of your sore muscles.

Throw Caution to the Wind

For the next nine months, your pregnancy has earned you the right to a free pass when it comes to birth control. This does not mean you do not need to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). It does mean if you are in a monogamous relationship, you can practice spontaneous sex without worrying about your condom supply, whether you remembered to take your Birth Control Pill, or where you left your diaphragm. And, if you have been trying to get pregnant for a while, you are relieved from the worry about whether this is the month you will get pregnant. Now you can lay back, relax, and enjoy Sex During Pregnancy. Pregnant and sexy can be a new stage in your relationship--and one you might even miss when it's time to go back to birth control.

Hormone Changes Affect Sexuality

With the onset of the hormone changes that accompany pregnancy and the extra attention you receive from just about everyone who realizes you are pregnant, you may find you actually feel sexier than ever before. Many women also enjoy an increase in libido during part of their pregnancy.

Maternity Fashions to the Rescue

While your mother may have been forced to wear tent-like tops, granny panties, and double knit pants during her pregnancy, you can remain stylish in crop tops, figure-defining dresses, and jeans with a sexy underbelly fit. You can even find thong underwear and Maternity Lingerie that are designed to keep you looking like the lovely lady your husband fell in love with.

Confident, Pregnant and Sexy

If you feel good about your pregnancy and proud of your body, chances are your partner will, too. Many women think of having a baby as the ultimate expression of their femininity. After all, men can't do it! Be pregnant and proud, be pregnant and joyful... and odds are, you'll also feel pregnant and sexy.

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Looking and Feeling Sexy When You're Pregnant