10 Amazing Pregnancy Videos to Help You Prepare

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Videos about all aspects of pregnancy help new parents prepare for the birth of their baby. From wacky fears to standard birthing procedures, you can find endless information or entertainment on platforms like YouTube.

Easing Fears for New Parents

Most parents experience some fears during pregnancy which can provoke anxiety and stress. Though taking a class can help ease some of those thoughts, viewing childbirth videos can give you a more clear image of what to expect. No matter what your fear is, you can find a video online to help ease that anxiety.

Out of Hospital Births

If you're afraid of giving birth outside the hospital, like at a public place or on the way to labor and delivery department, short clips like this how-to video about delivering a baby in taxicab help you feel prepared for anything.

The Man's Role in Pregnancy

Although men can't physically carry or deliver the baby, they may have fears or questions about being an expectant dad. If you're about to be a new dad, check out these tips from lifestyle YouTube personality David from the AdannaDavid channel.

Medical Questions

Keeping mom and baby healthy can be stressful and worrisome. Medical issues or questions that may come up during pregnancy often have to do with conditions, like diabetes or asthma, or regarding the onset of labor.

Ultrasound Basics

See what a fetal ultrasound will involve before seeing your baby for the first time thanks to a scripted reenactment by Oakdale OBGYN.

Signs of Labor

Every woman can experience different signs of labor for each birth. It's important to know these signs so you can get in touch with your birthing professional at the appropriate time. Pregnancy Chat shares a variety of labor signs in their eleven-minute video.


Find out what is involved in getting an epidural and determine if that is your best pain control option. Bupa Health UK shows you exactly how an epidural is administered with an animated graphic and narration in this two-minute video.

C-Section Expectations

The Rawlco Centre for Mother Baby Care discusses and shows what happens during most C-sections to both the mother and the baby, from preparation to after the birth.

Pregnancy Timeline

Pregnancy is a long process full of changes to your body and your lifestyle. Learn what to expect at every stage of pregnancy from moms and doctors who've been there.

First Trimester

Follow mom vlogger Natalie Bennett as she shares her must-have essentials for surviving the first trimester. In this twelve-minute video Natalie explains what products and supplies you might need to feel more comfortable during this time.

Second Trimester

Parents magazine presents a two-minute informative video featuring computer-generated images of what baby might look like. It also provides narration that includes factual information about baby's development from week 13 to 16.

Third Trimester

In a video published by St. Louis Children's Hospital, Dr. Camaryn Chrisman Robbins talks with expecting mom Abby about everything that happens in the third trimester. The video is nearly an hour long and features a natural conversation between the two women.

Pregnancy Exercise

Many pregnant moms wonder if they should or even can exercise during pregnancy. No matter what trimester you're in, Parents shares a ten minute workout every pregnant mom can do at home.

Learn From Example

Experts and vloggers frequently upload new videos about all aspects of pregnancy from announcements to birth. If you can't find what you're looking for online, ask your doctor's office or hospital if they have videos pertaining to your particular questions and concerns.

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10 Amazing Pregnancy Videos to Help You Prepare