Count Down Your Due Date With a Pregnancy Ticker

Woman setting up an online pregnancy ticker

Reasons for Getting a Pregnancy Ticker

With the proliferation of chat forums and online message boards related to all things baby, a pregnancy ticker has become a "must have" for women who want to keep track of how long is left in their pregnancy. In fact, some women use tickers on websites just to announce their good news--even if it's not related to babies or pregnancy.Tickers can be used on:

  • Chat forums
  • Message boards
  • Blogs
  • Personal websites
  • Homepages
  • Email signatures

Additionally, tickers are a helpful way to keep you informed of your baby's progress. Watching your ticker "countdown" the days until you can meet your little one is exciting for moms-to-be.

Where to Find Tickers

A pregnancy ticker can easily be found on the internet. You can find them through pregnancy and baby-exclusive websites, or find them through a ticker website that provides tickers for anniversaries, birthdays, or other special events.

General Ticker Websites

Ticker websites often provide several services. Not only can they offer tickers for life events, they often have "extras" like links to various other websites and special features like forums linked to their site.

  • Ticker Central allows you to upload your ultrasound photo for use in pregnancy tickers. To view their tickers, you must log on to the website. Options include baby/pregnancy tickers, trying to conceive tickers, and special "signature" tickers.
  • The Ticker Factory is a user-friendly site with no sign up needed. Fifteen pages of tickers are available, and a wide variety of sliders can be chosen. Customize the date and time for your purposes.

Pregnancy and Baby Ticker Websites

These ticker sites are geared towards moms and the expecting mother. Often, they link to discussion forums, retail websites, or newsletters about pregnancy and babies.

  • Lilypie has a simple three-part design that allows you to easily choose your ticker. Input your own text and upload your own photos. This site offers other tickers related to kid birthdays, breastfeeding, adoption, and more.
  • Baby Gaga has four different ticker options, with customization available for all designs. Join the forums, visit the pregnancy pages, and get stroller advice on this website.
  • Baby's First Site lets you make a pregnancy or birthday ticker. In order to use the website, registration is required. You can also shop, create a website for your baby, and make e-cards or blinkies at this site.

Tips for Tickers

Creating a pregnancy ticker is very easy, but make sure you know what you are doing before using a ticker. Things to keep in mind include:

  • Review forum rules before using a ticker on a site. Sometimes they are prohibited, or certain websites where tickers are created are not compatible with the forum site.
  • Most ticker websites require you to have computer "cookies" enabled.
  • When deciding to add a ticker to an email signature, consider who you email. Having a cute elephant counting down your pregnancy days may not be welcome in a corporate or work-related email.

Pregnancy tickers are a fun way to share the excitement of pregnancy. Pick one out that fits your personality, or one that matches your child's nursery. No matter which website or ticker you choose, friends and family will enjoy helping you countdown the days until your little one is born.

Count Down Your Due Date With a Pregnancy Ticker