Pregnancy Panty for Back Support

Pregnant woman suffering from back pain

Back aches are just one of the sometimes unpleasant symptoms associated with pregnancy, but a pregnancy panty for back support may help alleviate some of the discomfort.

About Pregnancy Back Pain

Back pain during pregnancy is almost inevitable. As your baby and uterus grows, there is more upfront that your back needs to support. Plus, the weakened muscles cause back strain. As a result, you may experience more back discomfort as your pregnancy progresses. While getting rest and putting your feet up helps take some of the pressure off your back, you will want some sort of relief while at work, running errands, or if you have to take care of other children.

Available Back Support

Maternity support belts have helped many women deal with the discomfort of aches and pains. Typically a cotton garment with some percentage of polyester, lycra, and elastic, a pregnancy panty for back support includes a built-in belt that goes around your waist, lifting the pregnant belly to provide respite for your back muscles. While this type of garment has been helpful, it can get hot or itchy during the warmer months and is sometimes an uncomfortable extra garment to wear.

Pregnancy Panty for Back Support

Pregnancy panties have evolved from all-encompassing to a variety of more attractive styles, including thongs and those that sit under the belly. With all of the pregnancy panty developments, it was only a matter of time before this pregnancy undergarment would offer back support, too.

The pregnancy panty for back support is sometimes referred to as a maternity girdle, providing the comfort of a back support belt built into a comfortable maternity panty. The incorporation of a maternity support band ensures that the back is well supported without having to use a separate belt. Additionally, the streamlined panty provides invisible support under your clothing.

In addition, moms expecting multiple babies are likely to look for any source of relief they can find. There are a number of styles of maternity girdles that offer much needed support and comfort, in a variety of styles.

Buying Pregnancy Panties Online

Pregnancy panties for back support are a maternity must-have for women who want to support their back and stomach from the pressure of a pregnant belly. Here are just a few options:

Shopping for Back Support Panties

While there are plenty of choices online, you may want to see these panties at a nearby maternity store or a department store such as JCPenney that carries maternity clothing. Maternity back support panties are quite common in maternity stores that carry lingerie and undergarments. Ask a sales associate if you need help finding the right size or to better understand how the support works.

Shopping Tips

Keep the following in mind when finding the right undergarment for you:

  • Understand the sizing information because an ill-fitting undergarment most likely can't be returned due to hygiene issues.
  • Determine what fabric the garment is made of: Will it stand up to repeated washings? Does it need to be hand washed and line dried? Lace panties, for instance, will need to have more gentle care than other fabrics.
  • Some manufacturers recommend buying panties one size larger than your pre-pregnancy size after you reach the eighth month.
  • Only purchase girdles designed for pregnant women. Non-maternity girdles may be too tight and cause more discomfort.
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Pregnancy Panty for Back Support