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Sending pregnancy greeting cards online is a fun way to congratulate someone on their new pregnancy or newborn baby, plus there are options available for birth announcements. From serious to cute, there is no shortage of pregnancy greeting cards online.


One of the most fun ways to congratulate a woman on her pregnancy is with an online greeting. Everyone loves to receive greetings through email, and this is one occasion that warrants something special. Consider the following Web sites:

  • Hallmark - Of course, Hallmark is the go-to source in the greeting card industry, providing quality cards for years. With a full line of online greetings, Hallmark offers electronic greetings that suit any occasion.
  • American Greetings - This is another card company that comes to mind, and the American Greetings Web site offers a variety of pregnancy greeting cards online. Cards require membership, however there are a small number of free cards available.
  • - Choose from a variety of fun animated greetings.
  • - Cards include congratulations, pregnancy, and adoption categories, among others; most cards require membership, but there are a small number of free cards.

Tips for Pregnancy Greeting Cards Online

LovetoKnow Pregnancy has compiled the above listing of pregnancy greeting cards online to make the process a bit easier. These egreetings eliminate some of the legwork so you can easily locate a quality pregnancy greeting card. When selecting a card, keep the following in mind:

  • Consider the recipient - Is she more likely to appreciate a sentimental card or something humorous? If you would like to pass your congratulations along to the couple, look for an appropriate card that includes the new dad, too.
  • Write your greeting - While the card will come with some kind of verse or saying, you typically have the option of including your own personal greeting. Use this space to wish the couple or new mom well.
  • Get the recipient's email address - Make sure you have the new mom's email address so that you can get the card to the right place.

Virtual Flowers

If you can't find the perfect online pregnancy greeting, consider one of the many sites that allows you to email virtual flowers. They're beautiful and never die, plus what woman doesn't love to get flowers? Consider the following sites:

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Pregnancy Greeting Cards Online