Pregnancy Gifts for Dad

New dad holding pregnant mom's belly

Pregnancy gifts for dad are a great way to include the father of your child during this special time. From silly to sentimental, there are a variety of gift items that are sure to make his upcoming journey into fatherhood even more special.

Shopping for Pregnancy Gifts for Dad

With today's fathers being so involved with their significant other's pregnancy, gifts for the new dad are certainly in order. New fathers and seasoned pros alike enjoy a special gift during pregnancy. From conception through the hormonal mood swings and into the delivery room, dads rise to the occasion and should be given a token of appreciation.

Gift Ideas

Of course, pregnancy gifts for dad can run the gamut with small gifts being just as thoughtful and meaningful as expensive gifts. Consider the following:

  • Dad t-shirts -- What new dad won't want to proudly display his new father status? After all, his Boys Can Swim! Other options include: I'm Drinking for Two, All Hail the Baby Maker, and He Shoots. He Scores.
  • Framed photograph -- Whether it's a special portrait of the two of you with a space for the new baby's picture, or a side-by-side photo frame that displays the ultrasound and new baby pictures, dad will be thrilled to receive this gift.
  • Diaper Dude Diaper Bag - Prepare the father-to-be with a very stylish diaper bag. The days of pastel colored bags are over!
  • Daddy's Tool Bag - A diaper bag that includes a "how-to" DVD, packing list, and emergency number card.
  • Baby countdown clock - What's more fun than watching the weeks/days/hours/minutes until the due date? This one includes baby names to consider, pregnancy tips, and a happy birthday message when baby is born.

Techie Dads

For more technological dads, something with a few more bells and whistles may be in order. Consider these gift ideas:

  • Digital picture frame - A fun way to proudly display slideshow pictures of daddy's new little bundle of joy, a digital picture frame can be mounted on a wall or set on a desk like a traditional frame.
  • Digital camera - Capture every special moment, from delivery to first smiles and beyond.
  • Web site - Create a web site for the new family pictures. This is a great way for far away friends and relatives to see pictures of the baby as he/she grows and develops.

More Ideas for the Expectant Dad

Consider the new father's interests and whether you want to purchase a sentimental gift or just a small token of your love and appreciation. Is he a golfer? Does he enjoy working out? Health club or country club memberships are excellent ideas.

Would he enjoy a special meal? A gift certificate to use when the grandparents are available to babysit is a nice idea. If he enjoys music or movies, perhaps a favorite CD or DVD? Special coupons are also a fun and personalized way to pamper the new dad with a massage or other nice gesture. Lastly, one of the most priceless gifts you can give is your time and attention right now before you are both sleep-deprived.

Baby Books

There are countless books about fatherhood that may be helpful with taking the edge off of a new dad's baby anxieties, including:

Additionally, starting a collection of special books for the father-to-be to read to the new baby is a cute idea. Consider purchasing a book he enjoyed during his childhood, as well as the following:


These are just some of the ideas you might consider when looking for pregnancy gifts for dad. You may have additional special ideas of your own to welcome his passage into fatherhood.

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Pregnancy Gifts for Dad