Perfect Poems for Expecting Parents

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Whether silly, sentimental, or spiritual, poems for expecting parents help express all of the emotions a couple goes through as they are preparing to welcome a child into their family.

About Poems for Expecting Parents

For many people, it's hard to express how they feel about the arrival of a new addition to their family. They may be overwhelmed by the thought of caring for a helpless newborn, worried about their ability to be a good parent, excited by the prospect of having a son or daughter to carry on the family name, or simply very eager to introduce the little one to all their family and friends. Poems can be helpful in expressing all of these emotions.

Here are examples of poems for expecting parents that would be lovely as a verse for a greeting card, a scrapbook page accent, or wall art for baby's nursery:

Family Ties

Family ties are precious threads,

no matter where we roam,

they draw us close to those we love,

and pull our hearts toward home.

~Author Unknown~

Our First Glimpse

Today we saw

Our first glimpse of You.

A little piece of heaven

Our dream come true.

The day we will meet

Seems so far away.

But until you're ready

In my womb safely stay.

Our gift from Angels

Sent from above

For us to cherish

And forever to love.

~Author Unknown

Poetry Resources

You can find more poems for expecting parents by reviewing the following online resources:

  •, one of the web's best resources for scrapbookers has a database of short poems covering parenting, family, and children.
  • Love Quotes and Quotations has a small assortment of parenting poems.
  • Welcome Baby offers a number of lovely poems for expectant mothers and fathers, as well as poems for future grandparents and siblings. Poems can be downloaded as PDF files, which makes them especially suitable for use as embellishments in your child's scrapbook album.
  • Family and Friend Poems has a page of poetry devoted to exploring the meaning of parenthood.
  • has links to several lovely poems for adoptive families, if you are expecting a child through adoption.

Your local library may also be a good source of poems about children, parenting, and families. Most libraries carry several different poetry anthologies, including work by famous poets as well as relatively unknown writers. For specific book suggestions, begin by reviewing the LoveToKnow Pregnancy sideshow Poems for Expecting Mothers.

Writing Your Own Poems

While there are many online resources offering poems for expecting parents, you can also try writing your own poem. Even if you don't consider yourself to be a very creative person, writing poetry may not be as difficult as you expect. If you speak from the heart, your poem is sure to become a special keepsake.

Tips for novice poets can be found by reviewing the following articles on LoveToKnow Freelance Writing:

Perfect Poems for Expecting Parents