Plus Size Maternity Lingerie

Sexy lingerie for pregnant women

Pregnancy is a happy time when you want to be comfortable as much as possible and that means purchasing good quality plus size maternity lingerie. You want to feel your best and what goes closest to your skin is important.

What You Need

So often, the newly-pregnant woman forgets that along with the cute tanks and tees, undergarments and sleepwear are also part of the expecting-mother wardrobe.


As your body changes in size, your regular bra may no longer fit. Increases in breast size during pregnancy varies from woman to woman. Some smaller-breasted women notice larger breasts almost immediately while others may not have the need for a bigger bra until the second or third trimester. Eventually, you may want to invest in a good plus size maternity bra. Whether you choose a bra with underwire or one with nylon lace, proper support for your increasing breasts is necessary during the day as you work at home or at the office. You'll also want support as you take time off to exercise or play.

If you plan to breastfeed, the last trimester of your pregnancy is the time to purchase a few nursing bras. These will provide the support you need in your tender breasts as well as in your back. Nursing bras are convenient because of the front flaps so your breasts will be easily accessible for your infant to feed.


Mircofiber briefs, thongs, or low-cut underpants--the choice is yours. Make sure you buy what is the most comfortable and practical for you. Wearing a pair of underpants that are too tight or itchy, even if they look attractive, can make you irritable and uncomfortable. Comfort is key here, so you want material that breathes well.


In beige, white, or black, stretchy cotton camis can be worn underneath shirts or blouses and are an important part of a plus size maternity lingerie wardrobe.


Gowns and bathrobes are a popular choice, but if you want something a little sexier, try a pastel chemise or silky nightshirt. There are also drawstring pajama pants to wear with the nightshirt.

Hose and Tights

Expanding support hose will protect your legs as they carry your additional pregnancy weight. These hose don't have to look like the ones our Victorian ancestors wore with the black seam down the back. They can be black or beige and look as natural as a regular pair of pantyhose. Tights come in many colors and sizes so that they go with your maternity dresses and skirts.


How nice to know that someone has thought of socks for expectant moms! Destined to keep feet dry and padded with fibers to reduce swelling before and after pregnancy, these socks are worth a consideration.

Other Items

Panties for back support and maternity belts are often used by pregnant women to support their lower back as their abdomen increases in size. There are a number of belts to choose from and, as you consult your doctor, you can decide the one that is best for you.

Where to Purchase Plus Size Maternity Lingerie

Now that you've decided what you need, where do you go to buy? Luckily, fashion for the plus size pregnant woman is available thanks to women speaking out and telling retailers that the need is there. For great selections and sizes, check out these shops:

  • Lane Bryant carries plus-size clothing for sizes 14-28.
  • Old Navy has a line of plus size maternity lingerie and clothes. Their camis come in sizes up to XXL.


Take this time in your pregnancy to buy the lingerie you want. Being pregnant is a time to feel positive about your growing body and who you are. Let some soft and lacy plus size maternity lingerie help nurture you during these special months of your life.

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Plus Size Maternity Lingerie