Tips on Finding Petite Maternity Jeans That Fit

Pregnant woman in need of maternity jeans

Searching for a pair of petite maternity jeans can be challenging for women when they transition from regular clothing to maternity wear.

Finding Petite Jeans for Maternity Wear

Having a few stores in mind before heading out on a shopping trip is a good idea to make it go more smoothly. Or, order your jeans online to avoid a lengthy day at the mall or running around town.

Jeans to consider trying include:

  • Indigo Blue Petite Secret Fit Belly® Signature Pocket Boot Cut Maternity Jeans - Found at Motherhood Maternity, this jean comes in a 30-inch inseam and offers sizes PS to PSX.
  • Mimi Essentials Dark Wash Short Length - These jeans at Mimi Maternity offer 5-pocket styling and a mid-rise belly for comfort.

In addition, you can also check auction sites like eBay to find deals on gently used jeans. Local department stores' maternity sections may also carry a wide selection of jean sizes. Garage sales and local charity drives are other good ideas, but you will probably have to search quite a bit to find the right size.

Importance of Proper Fit

Many women don't take the time to find petite sized maternity jeans. They may figure that these clothes are only temporary, right?

  • However, if you are uncomfortable in clothing that does not fit properly, you might end up buying more clothes than you need in search of a better fit.
  • Or, if your pants are too long, you may trip and fall. It's better to buy pants that fit than to possibly harm yourself or your baby.
  • Another reason to seek out petite jeans is because you want to feel stylish and fashionable. You do not want to walk around in oversized clothing that hides the rest of your figure.
  • Finally, you will not automatically bounce back into your pre-pregnancy size. As you gradually slim down, you'll want petite maternity jeans because they will fit your changing size better than average size jeans that are all ready ill-suited to your frame.

Fitting Jeans to Your Shape

When you shop for your maternity jeans, keep in mind the styles that already look good on you. Tapered legs may make you look shorter, while extreme flares can also shorten the leg. A slim boot cut or straight leg jean can provide the right fit without bagging off your legs. If the maternity store you are shopping in offers a strap on belly, use it. This way, you can buy jeans that should fit throughout most of your pregnancy. Petite women who are also short-waisted do not have a lot of room for the baby to stretch out, so you may end up with a round tummy. Account for this if you fall into that category.

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Tips on Finding Petite Maternity Jeans That Fit