Noppies Maternity Pants

Comfortable, stylish maternity pants

Designer maternity clothing has become a hot item in the last few years and at the top of many women's wish list are Noppies maternity pants. With new styles introduced each season and a comfortable fit, they are meant to be worn throughout pregnancy and beyond. Investing in a pair or two of good maternity jeans and pants will help make your pregnancy wardrobe fashionable.

Noppies Jeans and Pant Fit

Noppies has strived to make their clothing workable for the pregnant woman's life without changing her style. This philosophy includes their extensive line of jeans, pants, and capris. Noppies tests their clothing on actual pregnant women, making sure they are comfortable, durable, and stylish enough to wear during and after pregnancy. Features in different styles of Noppies maternity pants include:

  • Underbelly support
  • Adjustable waistlines
  • Roll-down waistlines
  • Hidden front adjustments
  • Over and underbelly fits

Find a retailer that carries Noppies near you or online by using the store locator.

Buy Noppies Maternity Pants

If you cannot find a store near you that carries Noppies, you can always shop online for a great selection of jeans and pants you can wear to work or for everyday.

Online Noppies Stores

Online retailers that carry Noppies include:

Before purchasing any Noppies maternity pants, carefully read the return policy from the online seller you chose to buy the pants from. Although the pants may be the same from store to store, each store will have their own policy regarding exchanges and returned garments.

Noppies Pant Fashions

Stylish maternity fashion choices for pants and jeans from Noppies include:

  • Bengalin Trouser: A great pant for work, the Bengalin trouser comes in several shades. Although it does come high on the stomach (waistline fit), the trouser is not two-toned nor does it have two materials in the belly area.
  • Long Bootleg Jeans: These machine-washable pants have no zippers or ties. The under belly fit leaves your baby bump looking smooth.
  • Maternity Cords: Bootleg corduroy pants that can be worn throughout pregnancy. Simply fold over or unfold the waist band to suit your own comfort.
  • Lexi Overbelly Maternity Jeans: An over-the-belly expandable waistline makes this pant perfect for work or play. It has a slim fit and is made from a blend of cotton and Elastane for ultimate comfort.

Save money on Noppies pants by checking out high-end resale boutiques, yard sales in nice neighborhoods, and waiting for sales online. Because Noppies are sold through different retailers, be sure to compare shipping charges on various websites.

Although you may only wear maternity clothes for a few months, buying high quality items can save you money over buying lots of cheap maternity clothing you never wear or have to continually replace. Noppies are designed to work with your post-partum body, keeping you from having to purchase additional transitional wear those first few months after having the baby.

About Noppies Company

In 1991, Noppies was founded in Amsterdam by Norbert Mutsaerts. Within five years, over 15 countries in Europe carried the line. The 100th U.S. retailer was added to the Noppies family in 2001. By 2007, over 1600 outlets in 55 countries carried Noppies maternity clothing.

Noppies is a socially conscious company. It works with such organizations like Orange Babies and Habitat for Humanity.

Noppies Maternity Pants