Finding Great Maternity Winter Coats

Maternity Winter Coats

Finding and buying maternity winter coats is essential for those who live in northern climates.

Fitting Maternity Winter Coats

One of the biggest challenges when buying winter coats is to find the right fit. This is sometimes difficult even when you are not pregnant.

Getting an actual maternity coat versus just an oversized regular one has several advantages. First, the extra room is in the belly and pelvis--it's not just bigger all over. Secondly, if you buy a winter coat several sizes too large, it may be too long and look frumpy. Other reasons to get a maternity coat instead of a larger regular one include:

  • Having sleeves the correct length
  • Shoulder seams hit at the correct spot
  • Pockets are accessible

Another reason for getting a maternity coat is that despite your estimations, your belly may get much larger than you originally anticipated. In a regular coat, this will leave you with quite the unwanted fashion statement. The coat will pull tightly over your belly, but still be too big everywhere else. A winter coat made for pregnant women would have extra give and room in the belly, eliminating this problem.

Tips on Getting an Affordable Coat

Winter coats tend to be fairly costly due to the larger cuts and special materials to keep them warmer. Maternity winter coats are no exception.

One of the best things to do when looking for an affordable coat is to get it on sale. If you find out you are pregnant in the spring, see if you can find one of the previous season's coats on clearance. Check circulars for special sales and coupons.

Sign up for newsletters and other email offers from stores and online retailers you frequently shop at. You may get special discounts or advance notice of upcoming sales. An additional percentage off during sales is common, too.

Find and use comparison shopping websites like Bizrate and NexTag. You may find a similar coat to a more expensive version for a lot better price.

If you really want a designer coat, consider outlet shopping. Great prices can be found on brand-name merchandise. You can also visit TJ Maxx or Gordmans, stores which sometimes carry designer labels.

Finally, consider getting a gently used winter coat. Check local consignment shops. You can also look online at eBay or Craigslist.

Finding coats on sale or getting one second-hand may allow you to have two coats for different occasions.

Places to Shop

To aid in your search for a cold-weather coat, visit the following retailers:

Choose a style that is the most versatile for your needs. Do you have a toddler or older child who would want to play outside in the cold weather? Buy a down-filled parka. Just need one for running in and out of the car? Look for a more stylish peacoat.

Whatever style you choose, make sure you try it on at the store if possible. If you have a few months left in your pregnancy, find one with a little extra room in the tummy. This may require switching styles or sizes.

If you purchase a coat online, keep all of the paperwork that was mailed with the order. This will ensure an easier return process if the maternity winter coat you ordered does not work for you.

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