Comfortable, Functional Maternity Tights


Buying Maternity Tights

Buying maternity tights is not just a good idea for keeping your legs warm in cool months or for conservative office attire. More than just hosiery, they have a few functions, too:

  • Smooth thighs
  • Decrease buttock jiggle
  • Provide support for belly and back
  • Help decrease swelling in calves and ankles

Because your uterus is expanding to make room for baby, you do not want to continue to buy your regular control top or tummy-shaping hose. Extremely constricting clothes across the abdomen are not only uncomfortable, but bad for baby as well.

You want to look for tights in your pre-pregnancy size. However, if your baby belly is measuring large, it may be worth going up a size for comfort. Tights with a little stretch are great.

First-trimester moms may be able to fit into the size up of their regular hosiery. Once your waistline begins expanding, you will want to look for maternity tights.

Tights to Try

A large selection of maternity tights is available from lingerie retailers, hosiery companies, and maternity clothing stores. Finding the best pair for yourself may require buying a couple different brands and then choosing the most comfortable fit.

Remember that as your body grows, what is comfortable now may not be in two to three months. Keep a few dollars saved back to buy more tights as you get further along in your pregnancy.

Because the choices for maternity tights are numerous, here are a few to get you started:

Check in the lingerie or maternity section of large department stores. They may stock several brands of maternity tights. Salesclerks may also be able to recommend their top-selling pairs based on your needs.

Fashionable Tights

Just because you are pregnant does not mean you have to give up your sense of fashion. While you will want to pick up a few pairs of black, nude, and tan colored tights, you may want something more fun for special occasions.

Fashionable maternity tights can be found in specialty boutiques or online. While they may cost a bit more, they can add some pizzazz to your little black dress or party outfit.

Consider wearing a pair of footless tights with a pattern underneath shorts or a short skirt in the fall and spring. When the seasons are transitioning, it can be hard to look good while staying as warm (or cool) as you would like. These kinds of maternity tights make it possible.

No matter what your maternity needs are, you can be sure to find a nice selection of tights to fit your changing needs.

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Comfortable, Functional Maternity Tights