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Choosing Maternity Swimsuits You'll Love

maternity swimsuit

With today's great selection of maternity swimsuits, pregnancy is no reason to give up swimming. In fact, swimming and water fitness are terrific pregnancy exercises that are a great way to relieve some of the pressure on your back from your growing breasts and abdomen.

Fortunately, swimsuit designers realize pregnant women deserve the same attention to detail and style as the rest of the female population. Maternity swimsuits are available to meet the needs and varying tastes of pregnant women everywhere.

Where to Purchase Swimsuits

Some major retailers may sell maternity bathing suits, but your best is probably going to be shopping online.

  • Motherhood offers tankinis, cover ups, one pieces, and separates in maternity and plus size.
  • Old Navy has swimsuits where most of the pieces are mix and match halter tankinis along with cover ups and tunics. Only a few Old Navy stores carry maternity wear, though, so check with the store before heading in.
  • A Pea in the Pod offers tankinis and a small selection of one pieces, but has lots of great styles in cover ups.

Two Maternity Swimsuit Objectives

While maternity swimsuits cannot hide your pregnancy, they can provide support and style during your time at the pool or beach.


Whether you want to camouflage your figure or you want to flaunt your expectant mother status, you should look for a maternity swimsuit that provides both support and comfort for your tender breasts and rounding abdomen.

Look for maternity swimsuits that feature soft cups or a built in shelf bra. Avoid underwire swimsuits that pinch, bind, or don't stay in place. Make sure the swimsuit's straps rest comfortably on your shoulders. If the straps are too tight, the swimsuit is probably too short for your body structure.

Maternity suits that feature racer backs, halter-tops, and t-backs may also go a long way in relieving the pressure to your back.

Abdomen support can be achieved by purchasing a maternity swimsuit that is made of a stretchy material. Many maternity swimsuits are designed with mesh linings that provide additional abdomen support, while others are designed with a flap that rests under your stomach and comes up high on the hips, thereby transferring some of the weight from your abdomen to your hips.

Remember that pregnant women experience a widening of the hips. Look for a swimsuit that offers leg holes with a slight French cut or are wider to prevent binding. Ample back leg coverage is a must to prevent the fabric from riding-up as the hips widen. Boy cut swimsuit bottoms are a great option for providing both coverage and additional abdomen support.


Many maternity swim wear styles come in a variety of types, including one pieces that have flirty skirt bottoms, two piece models with long skirted tops and a maternity brief underneath, and halter tops matched with under-the-belly bottoms.

As a general rule, the key to looking your best in a maternity swimsuit includes finding a swimsuit that provides the level of coverage that you want while fitting comfortably.

Shy away from large patterns, but look for a fabric that provides the color or lack of color you feel best matches your sense of style. And remember, sometimes small details can do the most for making you look stylish and confident.

Assessing Your Needs

Purchasing a maternity bathing suit can be a harrowing experience, but consider how you'll use the suit before you go shopping. Your needs will be much different if you're going to the beach for one weekend compared to someone who spends her summer in the water at the local pool. Understanding whether you need a functional suit or something to just look nice in can help narrow your search.

Choosing Maternity Swimsuits You'll Love