Styles of Maternity Skirts

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A maternity skirt is a key element of a basic pregnancy wardrobe. Whether you are a professional who needs skirts for office wear or prefer wearing skirts rather than slacks, you probably need more than one skirt to keep from feeling like you are wearing the same clothes 24/7. Here are some ideas to get you through pregnancy and post-partum while empowering you to keep your sense of style and individuality.

Skirt Options During Pregnancy

As your belly grows you will have to give in and buy a maternity skirt, but just because you are pregnant, you need not look frumpy. There are so many beautiful styles available for today's mom-to-be, you may have trouble picking only one skirt.

Everyday Skirts

Casual maternity skirts make getting dressed and ready for the day less of a hassle when you may be too uncomfortable to worry about your appearance. They come in a wide range of hemlines, fabrics and embellishments and can be dressed up or down as needed. Here are two everyday options which are skillfully designed to disguise your baby bump:

  • Black Roll-Over Maternity Skirt: Dress in casual style with this flirty skirt. You can wear this above the bump or under the bump, adjusting the length and fit. Pair with a nice blouse for work, a t-shirt for the weekend, or dress it up with heels and a jacket for a night on the town. This versatile skirt retails for around $60 and comes in sizes 2 to 14.
  • Maternity Maxi Skirts: This easy-fitting, soft jersey skirt will give you good service throughout your pregnancy. Features include a flexible, fold-over waist to wear above or below your baby bump. It has over 227 five-star customer reviews with positive remarks about its true-to-fit size, comfort and versatility. This black skirt comes in sizes XS to XXL and at under $15, it's a budget-friendly option for any pregnancy wardrobe.

Formalwear Skirts

Sometimes just getting dressed up and out of the house makes you feel better when you are dealing with the emotional highs and lows of pregnancy, but putting together fashionable, dressy outfits could be problematic. While you don't want to blow your pregnancy wardrobe budget on overly expensive formalwear, investing in a skirt that can be dressed up or down can be smart. If it can do double-duty post-partum, it's an even better buy. Here are two form-flattering garments you'll love to wear:

  • ASOS Maternity Over the Bump Jersey Pencil Skirt: Flatter your baby bump in this comfortable gray skirt that is perfect for any special occasion. It features a flexible waistband to accommodate your growing tummy, and added stretch for extra comfort. It retails for under $25 and ships for free. Available sizes include 2 to 16.

Birthing Skirts

Basic Binsi Birthing Skirt
Basic Binsi Birthing Skirt

Don't worry, you aren't expected to get dressed up for your trip to the hospital, and you probably won't feel like it anyway. However, there are amazing skirts designed for expectant moms to wear while in labor. There's no reason to wear an unattractive, immodest gown when you can wear a birthing skirt.

Wear the Basic Binsi® anytime you like, but the best benefit is you can wear it while giving birth without hindering the doctors or nurses. It fits below the belly so monitors and other medical equipment can be used, and you can walk around during your labor (if possible) with the confidence of being covered up.

Special features include an easy on and off style with snap closure, adjustable waist, and side slit for freedom of movement. Choose from two pretty colors in sizes small to extra-large. Prices range from around $35 to $40, depending on size. You are in good company when you choose a Binsi because celebrity moms like Jenna Elfman, Jennifer Garner, and Brooke Shields all wore a Binsi for the birth of their babies.

Pregnancy Wardrobe Extenders

You probably don't need a maternity skirt in the early part of your pregnancy, but your clothing may be a bit tight and uncomfortable. If your job or special occasion warrants a skirt, how can you be comfortable and still fashionable?

Wear Bigger Sizes

You can start by wearing regular skirts in bigger sizes. If you do need to shop for something suitable, look for skirts with an elastic waist that will give you some room to grow.

Bella Band

Bella Band
Bella Band

A Bella Band is a budget-friendly option that transforms any skirt into a maternity skirt by unbuttoning it and wearing a Bella Band over the top to hold it in place. Another great reason to buy one is its versatility. You can wear your pre-pregnancy clothes longer, and it holds up loose maternity clothing and supports your growing tummy so you are comfortable.

After you give birth, you can wear your pre-pregnancy clothes even if you aren't back to your pre-pregnancy size yet if you have a Bella Band. Bella Bands come in four sizes to accommodate sizes 0 through 24 and provide you with an instant early pregnancy wardrobe. Use Ingrid & Isabel's store locator to find out where you can purchase one in your area or buy direct from them.

Money Saving Tips

Purchasing a new wardrobe to see you through the long months of pregnancy can be expensive, but there are ways to mitigate your expenses. One way is to shop for and invest in versatile clothing pieces like skirts and pants that can be used after the baby is born. Another way is by patronizing retailers that specialize in discount maternity clothing. Consider shopping for your maternity apparel in thrift stores.

Regardless of where you find your maternity skirts, you'll love the convenience they offer for mixing and matching as well as their comfort elements and stylish appearance.

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Styles of Maternity Skirts