Tips for Finding Maternity Scrubs You'll Love

Maternity Scrubs

Pregnant doctors and nurses can find special maternity scrubs made just for them.

Stretching Your Scrubs

In the early months of pregnancy, your regular scrub bottoms will do just fine. Those elastic waists and drawstrings might not be stylish, but they'll provide room for your expanding belly. Going up a size will also help.

Scrub tops aren't adjustable, but they're usually roomy enough that your belly bulge will fit for a while. Try going up a size in your top, too.

When It's Time for Maternity Scrubs

The day will come when regular scrubs just don't fit. You might still be able to find a size with room for your belly, but the scrubs will look enormous on the rest of you. When you realize that time is approaching, you'll need to shop for maternity scrubs.

Maternity scrubs are built much like other maternity clothes. A stretch panel in the pants accommodates your expanding belly. Shirts have extra fabric in front and are sometimes cut longer in the front than in the back, so they'll hang evenly.

Finding the Scrubs You Need

There aren't a large number of options. Only a few manufacturers offer them, and they are usually just solid colors or basic prints. Finding cute styles can be a challenge.


Landau makes a small line of scrubs for pregnant doctors and nurses. Some pieces even have a touch of fashion flair. A maternity top with an empire waist and a tie at the back gives a feminine look. They also offer a more utilitarian tunic, specially cut for a pregnant belly. Or, you can purchase a classic-looking V-neck top. Scrub pants have adjustable waists.

Scrub Med

Scrub Med offers a single maternity tunic style in a handful of prints. You can have it custom-tailored, choosing whether to have pockets and adjusting the length. Maternity pants have a drawstring instead of a stretch panel.

Sassy Scrubs

Sassy Scrubs specializes in comfortable scrubs with a little bit of style. Their maternity line is available in multiple prints and colors. These scrubs are made according to your own specific measurements. You can choose pocket placement and cuff styles. Sassy scrubs are more expensive than some of the larger companies' lines, but they offer you more options to show your individual style.


Cherokee makes a maternity tunic and maternity pants. The tunic is a basic, V-neck style. The pants have a wide elastic tummy panel and side cargo pockets that you can reach without your belly getting in the way.

Cheap Maternity Scrubs

You've got enough expenses to think about when you're pregnant. Maternity scrubs aren't cheap, usually running about $30 per piece. If you're planning another pregnancy soon, it might be worth the investment. But, if you want to save money, you've got options.


Do you have friends at work who've recently given birth, or who have young children at home? Ask them what they did for maternity scrubs. They just might have a stash of scrubs they'd let you borrow. At the very least, they can advise you on where to shop and what styles were most comfortable.

Online Auctions

People buy and sell just about everything on eBay, and that includes maternity scrubs. There isn't a huge selection, but if you check back regularly you're likely to find what you need. There's even one seller who makes scrubs from scratch. Prices range from a few dollars for used scrubs, to about $25 for new ones.

Tips for Finding Maternity Scrubs You'll Love