Maternity Prom Dress

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Planning what to wear to your prom can be a big decision, but finding a maternity prom dress can provide an additional challenge.

The Big Night

A high school prom is a big event in a young girl's life. Whether you're going with friends or with a date, it will be a night you will likely never forget. Shoes, jewelry, hair, and, of course, the dress are all important considerations.

Maternity Prom Dress Options

Where can you find the perfect formal maternity dress to fit your expanding waistline? Whether you're just starting to show or are further along, be assured that there are many flattering options from glamorous to fun - you're sure to find just the right gown. When planning for a formal event, the major concern is finding the perfect dress. This is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, so plan wisely:

  • Find a style that suits your personality - Whether fun or sophisticated, there's a dress to suit your tastes. Empire waist styling is well suited for a pregnant woman.
  • Consider your budget - Prom dresses run a wide range of prices. If you are budget conscious, know that you can find a gorgeous dress at a reasonable price.
  • Shop around - Take your time and try on a number of dresses before making your choice. Trying on dresses is half the fun!
  • Get a professional opinion - Ask the sales associate at the dress shop for her opinion. They will have expertise for finding the most flattering style and will be able to measure you for the perfect fit.
  • Call ahead - Some smaller boutiques may not offer maternity sizes, so call first to find out about availability.

Dress Stores

Don't limit your search to just big formal wear shops. In addition to national dress shops, such as David's Bridal, you may find a maternity prom gown at a department store or at a small boutique store. Don't limit your search to just prom dresses - you may find a great bridesmaid dress or a simple, yet elegant cocktail dress that will work.

Online Stores

If you are unable to find a maternity prom dress in a clothing or dress shop, there are many resources online. Search for 'maternity prom dress' or 'maternity bridesmaid dresses' to get started. The following is just a sampling of sites that offer maternity formal wear:

Online Ordering Tips

Ordering a formal gown online can be risky since you don't have the advantage of being able to physically try the dress on. Keep the following tips in mind for online ordering:

  • Be sure to measure yourself carefully and plan ahead. As your pregnancy progresses, you will add inches, so you want to account for your anticipated size when the big night comes.
  • Review the return policy - In the event that you are not happy with the style or fit of your prom dress, be aware of the online vendor's return policy. For example, find out how many days you have to return the item and whether you are required to pay return shipping.
  • Be aware of shipping costs - If you are trying to stay within a certain budget, be sure to account for the additional charges for shipping the item. Also, in some states you may need to pay a sales tax.
  • Order well in advance - Don't wait until the last minute to place your order for a prom dress. You may find that the item you really want is out of stock or that it will not arrive in time for the prom. Additionally, you will want to give yourself plenty of time to find an alternate gown if you are unhappy with the dress.

One More Option

If you are unable to locate a perfect dress for the big event, ask an associate at the dress shop about the possibility of altering a regular size to fit your pregnancy size. The associate may be able to assist you with buying a dress a few sizes larger along with extra fabric to alter the dress. Some styles, such as an empire waist, will be well suited to accommodating additional inches.

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Maternity Prom Dress