Maternity Nightgowns and Robes

Sexy and comfortable maternity sleepwear options

Look for maternity nightgowns and robes to get you through the third trimester of pregnancy with style and comfort. As your baby belly gets larger, you may tire of wearing your husband's oversize t-shirts or pajama pants to bed. An added bonus of many maternity gowns is that they can be used as nursing gowns, too.

Comfort and Function in Maternity Sleepwear

Picking out what to wear when you are pregnant is a challenge. What fits one day may not fit the next. Although you still have to wear street clothes when you go out of the house, many pregnant women find themselves slipping into comfortable maternity pajamas or nightgowns once they get home.

Although pajamas are practical in cold months, nightgowns can end up being more comfortable. They skim the body as loosely or as tightly as you want, without any fidgeting with an ill-fitting waistband. Adding a maternity robe in the winter can combat the chill in the air without sacrificing comfort.

Maternity nightgowns often double as nursing wear. Gowns may feature surplices for easy pull-down access or snaps on the straps. Nightgowns might also come with built-in bras or nursing pads to ease aching breasts and contain leaking milk.

Maternity nightgowns and robes make excellent baby shower gifts for moms-to-be. Since they can be packed in hospital bags, moms will appreciate something more attractive to wear than standard issue hospital gowns when visitors stop by to see the new addition.

Buying Maternity Nightgowns and Robes

Many maternity nightgowns and robes can be purchased at various online maternity retailers. Discount chains like Target and Wal-Mart may also offer a small selection of sleepwear. Specialty stores often carry high-end designer sleepwear, perfect for gift-giving or the mom who wants to treat herself in the last trimester. Many nightgowns come with a matching robe for a coordinated look.

Buying maternity nightgowns online can be a great option for a number of pregnant women. Swollen feet and general tiredness can make heading to stores difficult in the last trimester. Check out the following gowns available online:

For women who want to add a little spice to their pregnancy wardrobe, getting a sexy maternity nightgown can be just the ticket. These maternity gowns are just the thing for hot mommas-to-be who want to feel something other than frumpy. One sexy choice is the Belabumbum Reika Nursing Chemise. It has fully adjustable bra straps and lace detailing which make this a great gown for pregnancy and post-partum wear. The black and white floral print makes this a striking choice.

A cute gift idea for that mommy-to-be is to pick up a maternity nightgown that comes with matching infant sleepwear. These are perfect for showers or "just because:"

The range of styles in maternity nightgowns and sets ensures that you will find the one to meet all of your needs for pregnancy and beyond.

Maternity Robes

You might be happy with your current pregnancy sleepwear or have several options in your closet. But if the pajamas or nightgowns did not come with a robe, you may want to buy one separately.

Getting a specific maternity robe makes sense for several reasons:

  1. You want it to fit over your bulging belly and still be able to tie it.
  2. A looser robe will be more comfortable post-partum.
  3. Keeping a nice robe close to the door is perfect for those unexpected visitors when you are not adequately clothed.
  4. Wearing a men's robe or larger women's robe may have you pushing sleeves up and fussing with extra length.

Maternity robes can be purchased at just about any store that sells maternity sleepwear, such as Motherhood Maternity. Consignment shops, yard sales, or discount stores with maternity departments may also have maternity robes for sale.

The maternity sleepwear you choose should be comfortable and make you feel good about yourself. Whether you go for a stylish look or are all about the comfort, you want to get a good night's sleep no matter what you are wearing.

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Maternity Nightgowns and Robes