Fabulous Maternity Formal Wear Advice

Pregnant woman in a formal gown

Dressing up in formal wear while you are expecting may not seem like a lot of fun, but there are more options than ever to help you find a great dress. Just because you are pregnant does not mean you have to give up looking good or dressing appropriately for a formal occasion.

Purchasing Maternity Formal Wear

Maternity formal wear can be found at many maternity specialty shops, although the selection may be limited. You should consider looking for your formal wear online or from a catalog since the selection is amazing and many vendors offer liberal return policies. Good sources include:

If money is tight and the formal event is especially dressy, consider renting formal wear. Many formal wear shops offer a selection of maternity garments that can be rented or will at least be able to direct you to local resources that do. This can provide you with a nice selection of less expensive formal wear.

Emphasize Your Assets

Many women see their growing bump and newly plumped breasts as assets that they want to show off to the world. If this is your take on pregnancy, you're in luck. Just a few years ago, maternity selections were limited to plus size garments that did not really fit a pregnant women's body. Today, clothing manufacturers now recognize that pregnant women are a vital and discerning segment of consumers. Many designers now create formal wear specifically for pregnant women.

When selecting formal wear, you can use your sense of style as the starting place. If you like glitz, velvet, retro, or timeless chic, you can now find something that reflects your style while enhancing your natural charms.

Think Black

Purchase a simple black dress that can be paired with a jacket for office wear, then dress it up with an eye-catching scarf, pearls, black heels featuring a rhinestone buckle, or a silk wrap for an elegant evening out. Black dresses that fit properly are a universal wardrobe must. Accessorizing the dress can draw the eyes to your best features. Best of all, every time you change accessories, you've created a new look.

If You've Got 'em, Flaunt 'em

If Mother Nature was less than generous when blessing you with bosoms, this is the time to take advantage of your newly enhanced breasts. Look for tops that are low cut, or feature an empire waist, which means it gathers right below the breasts.

Flaunting your best features also goes for areas where you may not have gained weight, such as your arms. Sleeveless maternity formal wear creates a terrific elongated look, which takes the emphasis off your rounding figure.

Eye-Level Beauty

Don't forget that finding appropriate and comfortable formal wear is only half the battle. Take the extra time needed to put the finishing touches on your makeup and hair. Better yet, treat yourself to a day at the beauty salon and have a professional makeover done to go with your fabulous maternity formal wear.

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Fabulous Maternity Formal Wear Advice