Maternity Evening Wear Shopping Tips You Really Need


When you are pregnant, getting dressed up for an evening out means finding maternity evening wear appropriate to the occasion.

Maternity Evening Wear Styles

Special occasions call for special outfits. However, when you are five or more months pregnant, getting that cute dress can be extremely challenging. Not only is your body shifting, but you have no idea what looks good anymore or how to wear it.

Finding a great style is the first key to getting special occasion clothing. Once you figure out what flatters, you can look for those styles to help cut down on shopping time. Some figure-friendly maternity styles include:

  • Sheer sleeves: Covers weight gain in the arms without being too warm in the spring or fall
  • V-necks: Shows off the great new cleavage you are sporting
  • Wrap dresses: Can be tied as loosely or tightly as you need
  • Empire waists: Flows over your expanding waistline with room to spare
  • Jackets, shawls, and wraps: Covers up arms and hides your tummy
  • A-line skirts: Flows out from the waist and hides large thighs
  • Pantsuits: Offers a comfortable alternative in the fall and winter, and hides swelling ankles

Finding a style you are comfortable in is the most important thing when you are pregnant. Wearing black to an outdoor summer event will only make you warm and sweaty. Keep in mind temperatures and seasons when choosing maternity evening wear.

Check out the fabrics. Spandex and Lycra offer stretch and comfort. Wool may get itchy on your tight skin, and satin might shine in the wrong place.


Because finding affordable maternity formal wear can be difficult, you may end with the classic little black dress. Consider getting one that hits mid-calf, with a halter or v-neck and few embellishments. With a little creativity, this dress can work for several seasons or events. Consider doing the following:

  • Add a jacket and knee-high boots in the winter for a great look.
  • In the summer, skip hosiery, slather on some self-tanner and add ballet flats.
  • Jewelry can go a long way. Wear dangly earrings, multiple metallic bracelets, or a large necklace to switch up your outfit. A broach in a deep-V adds sparkle.
  • A small clutch purse with matching shoes can add color to your dress.
  • Add makeup and an updo to dress your look up even more.

Look through your closet before you invest in a dress that might only be worn once. Adding some fabulous accessories to a black or pinstriped skirt and a white button-down shirt can can make this look appropriate for a holiday work party or formal dining restaurant.

Places to Shop

Before you get frustrated in your hunt for maternity evening wear, you should check out these popular stores and online shops:

If you are in the first trimester or the early part of the second trimester, you may be able to purchase evening wear from a department store in a size or two above your normal size. This will also give you something to wear for events post-baby, but before you can fit back into your old size.

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Maternity Evening Wear Shopping Tips You Really Need