Benefits and Types of Maternity Belts

Pregnancy Backache Support

Maternity support belts can help relieve pressure and pain that you may experience as your pregnancy progresses. These belly belts aim to increase your pelvic, abdominal, and back comfort throughout your pregnancy.

Benefits of the Belly Belt

Many women experience pelvic, tummy, back, and breast tenderness throughout their pregnancy. Some women may even experience long-term pain after they have given birth. Research is limited in terms of the effectiveness of the maternity support belt, but some studies do show that it helps with stabilization. Anecdotally, many women rave about how helpful tummy belts are when it comes to providing a little extra support during pregnancy.

Easing Back Pain

Belly belts may help gently lift up your tummy relieving some lower back pressure and pain. As your pregnancy progresses and your tummy gets heavier, this may provide you with a bit of relief. Belly bands may also encourage you to stand up straight, which can improve your posture and decrease back pressure due to slouching.

Types of Maternity Belts

There are tons of pregnancy belts to choose from. Always speak with your doctor first if you are experiencing intense pain or discomfort and be sure that wearing the belly band is safe for your pregnancy.

Belly Bands for Extra Support

Belly bands that provide extra support are great for women who are carrying multiples, have chronic pain, or are experiencing a lot of physical pressure during their pregnancy. They are typically larger in width and may have a support band above your belly as well as beneath. Because of their larger size, they will most likely be visible underneath clothing. These bands will come in a range of sizes from small to large and have adjustable bands that will grow with you during your pregnancy.

Maternity Belt - NEOtech Care Brand - Pregnancy Support
Maternity Belt - Pregnancy Support

Gentle Support Belly Bands

Smaller, more lightweight belly belts are great for women who are experiencing mild pain and who want to conceal their bands underneath their clothing. These bands are usually made of thin, stretchy fabric and stretch to cover the entire belly instead of just sitting beneath. This offers the wearer a gentle lift and a smooth finish beneath clothing. These come in a range of sizes, although you may need to purchase more than one size if you are having multiples and the band becomes too tight.

Belevation Womens Maternity Support Belly Band
Belevation Womens Maternity Support Belly Band

Maternity Belts with Straps

Maternity belts with straps offer great support for women who need a bit more back and pelvic support and who have tried belly bands before and couldn't get them to stay in place. The added straps help prevent the band from folding over or getting out of place. Most belly bands with straps will offer the option to remove the straps. Straps and the band are adjustable making for a customized fit throughout your pregnancy. These can look clunky and don't work well under clothing, but can be incredibly helpful during the last trimester.

Aigori Maternity Support Belt with Shoulder Straps
Aigori Maternity Support Belt with Shoulder Straps

Breathable Maternity Support Belts

Breathable belly bands are great for women who tend to get hot easily, are in the midst of summer, or live in a warm area. They are typically made of breathable mesh and cotton fabric and provide moisture wicking relief. These bands work well for women in need of pelvic and belly support, and who also may be experiencing some lower back pain. Many breathable bands come in multiple sizes, or offer one size to use throughout your pregnancy. These can be worn underneath or on top of clothing, although you may be able to see the mesh a bit with tighter fitting tops.

Maternity Belt | Breathable Belly Band for Pregnancy
Maternity Belt | Breathable Belly Band for Pregnancy

Pregnancy and Postpartum Belts

Pregnancy and postpartum belts offer the support of two products for the price of one. These can be worn throughout your pregnancy to provide back and pelvic support, as well as postpartum to help with stomach support while encouraging good posture. These typically come in a range of sizes that can adjust to fit your needs throughout your pregnancy, as well as postpartum as your body changes. These bands can be worn over or under clothing.

Maternity Belt 2.0 - Belly Band for Pregnancy
Maternity Belt 2.0 - Belly Band for Pregnancy

Selecting the Right Belly Band

The volume of maternity support belt options can feel a bit overwhelming. Focus on belts that target the specific issue you are dealing with and ask your doctor if wearing one during your pregnancy is safe.

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Benefits and Types of Maternity Belts