Places to Find Terrific Long Maternity Skirts

Pregnant woman in a long skirt

Long maternity skirts are comfortable additions that complement any maternity wardrobe. Lengths vary and you can find gorgeous designs, colors, and classic style in long skirts.

Maternity Skirt Hemlines

Maternity skirts come in an array of styles and designs that include short, medium, and long lengths. Hemlines run the gamut from traditional straight hems to asymmetric lines and handkerchief skirts.

Maternity skirts with long hemlines are wonderful choices for casual wear but some are designed for formal occasions. The clothing is modest, comfortable, and wears well in throughout the year, depending on the material that you choose.

Where to Find Long Maternity Skirts

Many retailers specializing in maternity wear offer full length maternity skirts and you can find gorgeous selections online as well as in brick-and-mortar stores. Items meet all price points from indulgent to frugal and it is easy to find skirts that suit any budget.

A Pea in the Pod

A Pea in the Pod has a generous collection of maternity skirts including a handful of long lengths. The flowing designs graze the floor for full coverage in gentle fabrics that include:

  • Silk and cotton
  • Rayon and spandex
  • Viscose and spandex
  • Pure cotton

Motherhood Maternity

Motherhood Maternity has ultra casual maternity skirts in long lengths. Options include

  • Tiered skirt in white
  • Stretch fabric tie dye
  • Mid-calf stretch fabric in denim

Lilo Maternity

Lilo Maternity features full length maternity skirts in classic styes. Choose from:

  • Tan or denim with gathers
  • Slinky black
  • Pleated or box pleated
  • Velour

Other Retailers

You can find a host of gorgeous yet comfortable full length skirts through a number of different retailers.

  • Due Maternity has a skirt with an uneven hemline that falls almost to the floor.
  • Mothercare, based in the United Kingdom, offers a nice selection of maternity clothes.
  • 9MonthstoGrow offers a trendy maxi skirt.

More Maternity Skirts

Find what you are looking for in long maternity skirts using helpful resources that can help narrow your search, such as these LoveToKnow articles:

Pregnancy has a relatively short duration but finding key items for a pregnancy wardrobe is an important part of making the journey enjoyable. Full length skirts offer the style and comfort women desire through all stages of pregnancy and many designs can be worn throughout the entire pregnancy and beyond.

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Places to Find Terrific Long Maternity Skirts