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Langley Hospital Maternity

Doctor and patient

The Langley Hospital maternity wing is an integral part of Langley Memorial Hospital located in the Canadian providence of British Columbia. However, budget problems may have an impact on the hospital's ability to take care of expectant mothers in its community.

Langley Memorial Hospital

Langley Memorial Hospital provides health services to the community of Langley, British Columbia. The hospital bases its policies on the Performance Agreement through the Ministry of Health Services and Fraser Health's strategic plan. The hospital provides short-term, emergency, integrated and community-based services, each supported by the Langley Memorial Hospital Foundation.

Langley Memorial Hospital Foundation

The foundation gives the hospital support by recruiting volunteers and by raising funds. The nonprofit organization is dedicated to meeting the healthcare need of the residents of Langley. Funds help the hospital create programs and improve technology as well as providing health services to its community. Those interested in contacting the foundation may send correspondences to:

  • Langley Memorial Hospital Foundation
  • 22051 Fraser Highway
  • Langley, B.C.
  • V3A 4H4

Langley Hospital Maternity Ward

The budget cuts proposed may include abandoning the hospital's pediatric wing, according to the Langley Advance. The Langley maternity ward is of concern as the readers' comments on the article debate about the possibility of cutting the maternity ward as well as the pediatric wing. The hospital's community would be seriously affected by the absence of the maternity facility, especially in emergencies.

The article, Metro Vancouver Faces Severe Cuts to Health Care, highlights proposed Frazier Health Authority's budget cuts which includes "pursuing a plan to cut maternity and pediatric services from certain sites, potentially Peace Arch Hospital and Langley Memorial, plus neonatal intensive care units". It isn't clear whether the Langley maternity ward would be completely cut out of the facility or not. The ward may see significant cutbacks while still providing services to its community.

Langley New Baby and Me

The Frazier Health Authority features a program for new mothers called New Baby and Me in Langley. The program addresses the needs of mothers of babies aged 0 to 6 months. This challenging time may require support and the hospital has a four-week program headed by a public health nurse. Topics include:

  • Adjusting to motherhood
  • Baby safety
  • Breastfeeding
  • Dental care
  • Illnesses
  • Introducing solid foods

Those interested in learning more about the program can contact:

  • Langley Public Health Unit
  • 20389 Fraser Highway
  • Langley, B.C. V3A 7N2

The New Baby and Me program suggests that with continued support by concerned members of the Langley community, the hospital's maternity services may continue.

Is the Maternity Ward Active?

The City of Langley lists maternity as one of the hospital's services. Other services listed include:

  • Critical care
  • Diagnostic services
  • Emergency services
  • General medical
  • Geriatric services
  • Mammography
  • Pediatrics
  • Psychiatry
  • Surgical services

Maternity care is also listed on the city's webpage and on Fraser Health's website, along with Interpartum Care Services that provide short-term care for expectant mothers during labor and delivery, including:

  • Obstetrics
  • Surgery
  • Family birthing unit
  • Single maternity room

While financial struggles are apparent for Frazier Health Authority, an organization that funds 12 hospitals in British Columbia, the maternity ward at Langley hospital is still operational and it continues to serve its community. Those who qualify for maternity benefits in Canada may receive services in Langley Memorial Hospital.

Langley Hospital Maternity