Funny Maternity Shirts You've Got to See

Rock the bump t-shirt at BellaBlu Maternity

Funny maternity shirts are one of the hottest maternity fashion trends. Perfect for lounging around the house, running errands, or shopping with friends, these cute t-shirts are a casual wardrobe staple. Pair them with some designer maternity jeans and you've got an instant outfit!

Buying Funny Maternity Shirts

While some maternity stores carry a selection of funny maternity shirts, shopping online gives you the most options. Whether you're purchasing a shirt for yourself or for a pregnant friend, maternity boutique websites make it easy to find the perfect maternity t-shirt.

got baby!

Got baby? Then, you need to check out got baby!. Here, you'll find a wide variety of funny and fun t-shirts and gifts for the new mom, dad, and even baby. Popular t-shirts for the mom-to-be include:

Got baby! also offers humorous designs for the dad-to-be, including several variations of He Shoots. He Scores and My Boys Can Swim.

Love hurts maternity tee
Love Hurts tee

Stella Maternity

Stella Maternity offers funny maternity shirts for the seriously cool pregnant chic.

The selection includes:

These shirts make great gifts for an expecting mom.

Bella Blue Maternity

Bella Blu Maternity has trendy clothes, including maternity shirts with sayings. Some of the most popular are:

Design Your Own!

You can always opt to personalize your maternity t-shirt with your own images, artwork, and sayings. Some resources allow you to create your own shirts with the additional option of browsing other people's creations for purchase. Preggers N Proud is a popular choice because the tees are inexpensive. You can have any sayings printed on the shirt you want! Some ideas:

Pregnant woman in funny tshirt
  • Blossoming Baby Belly
  • Hot Mom
  • Epidural Shmepidural
  • Sexy and Showing
  • With Child
  • Does this baby make me look fat
  • What's Kickin'
  • My Lovely Baby Bump
  • If you didn't put this baby here, don't even think about touching my stomach
  • Pregnant is the new black
  • No genius, I'm not pregnant. I swallowed a bowling ball.
  • Do not taunt the cranky pregnant woman
  • The baby wants cake
  • What happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas
  • I drank the water
  • Ask me how effective my birth control is
Pregnant woman in funny t-shirt

Also consider some sayings from the baby's perspective:

  • I'm going to be so cute
  • I love it when she laughs
  • If that's my family I hear out there, I'm not coming out.

Creating Your Own Slogan

Each pregnancy is unique and you have a great opportunity to put your creativity to work. Spending some time developing your personalized pregnancy slogan lets you consider your experience.

  • The baby's perspective is a great point of view to consider. There are many cute things your baby can say to everyone you meet.
  • Being a first time mom is in experience that comes with many surprises. Brainstorm with your partner to develop funny or sentimental sayings for you to wear.
  • Seasoned mothers have a great opportunity to show their sense of humor along with their sense of style.

Inspirational moments can pass by very quickly. Some are warm and endearing while others might be too personal to share on a maternity t-shirt. Be open to inspiration, and keep a notebook handy to jot down your ideas for maternity shirts with sayings.

Maternity Shirt Sizing Guidelines

Pregnant woman in funny t-shirt

When you're looking for funny maternity shirts, remember the following sizing tips:

  • Generally, you order maternity shirts in your pre-pregnancy size. If you wore a medium before you became pregnant, you would order a medium in your maternity clothes unless your pregnancy weight gain is much more than the recommended 25-35 pounds.
  • While some maternity stores will allow you to return items that were purchased in the wrong size, others don't allow returns or exchanges. Always ask about the return policy before making your final purchase.
  • If you're worried about shrinking t-shirts, look for pre-shrunk cotton shirts or take care to follow the manufacturer's cleaning instructions. Most cotton fabric shrinkage will occur during the first wash.
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