Where to Get Free Birth Control Samples

Asking a doctor about birth control

Few birth control methods are covered by insurance, so obtaining free birth control samples is a great way to cut health care costs while avoiding pregnancy.

Samples of Hormonal Birth Control

Women who are using birth control pills or the patch may feel that the cost of their choice is getting expensive. Even generic prescriptions can become costly. Ask your doctor for a free sample the next time you have a need for low cost birth control.

Financial Crisis

To get yourself through until your next appointment or until you can pay for the pill, your doctor may offer you some samples of a particular pill or patch. When you talk to your health care provider, mention how important it is for you to avoid an unplanned pregnancy during this time in your life. Depending on your doctor and clinic policies, you may be able to get one to six months worth of samples.

Switching Pill Brands

If you are switching birth control pill brands, ask your doctor for a few months worth of samples. This way, you avoid paying out of pocket charges for a prescription that does not work out.

Low Income

Women with low income can visit family planning clinics and fill out their paperwork to find out if they qualify for free birth control. If not, you still may be able to obtain some sample pill packs that will get you by for a few months.

Morning After Pills

Sometimes, family planning clinics can make Plan B available as a free sample the first time a woman comes in for the pill. Call your clinic to find out.

Women who have been sexually assaulted may be able to obtain free samples of the morning after pill if they visit a rape crisis center that has a doctor on-call.

Free Birth Control Samples: Condoms

Even if a woman is on a hormonal method of birth control, it is important to use condoms as a method for preventing sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and AIDS/HIV infections. Men who are concerned about their partner's health while on hormones or who take an active role in preventing pregnancy may be able to find condoms available as free samples.

Special Programs and Grants

County and state healthcare clinics may be awarded special monies via governmental grants or private contributions to be put towards providing free birth control samples to residents. To find out if any special programs are available in your area and whether you qualify, call your local county healthcare office.

Health care clinics like Planned Parenthood might also be awarded grants or monies that can provide access to birth control. For example, Planned Parenthood of Greater Iowa is offering free IUDs and Implanon birth control to women who make an appointment by September 30, 2008. To find out more information, call 1-800-230-PLAN. Programs like the one mentioned above are often short term and have a limitation on the number of people they can serve. Sometimes, you need to qualify to receive the birth control. It is important to stay in touch with your local clinic to find out about the newest opportunities available.

Check with your local Planned Parenthood or other family planning center to find out if they have any special programs that offer free birth control samples or totally free birth control.

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Where to Get Free Birth Control Samples