Fake Pregnancy Documents

Pregnancy tests and false positives
Pregnancy tests and false positives

Fake pregnancy documents may be used for a number of different reasons; some are ethical while others are not. The paperwork is available in different forms depending on the type of hoax the participants plan. While the notion of a joke can be appealing, the serious nature of the subject requires considerable thought.

Fake Pregnancy Documents

The phony documents are similar to fake ultrasounds and fake pregnancy tests in that they state that a woman is pregnant, whether this is the actual case or not. Some of the documents are very realistic down to the pressure-embossed seal that makes the paperwork look official.

The false documentations are available online for roughly $20. Consumers simply add their information into a screen on the webpage and the documents are created as part of the ordering process. Since the customer enters the information, the documents may include their physicians' names, in spite of the warning against using real names on the fake medical paperwork.

Sites that offer the phony pregnancy papers typically include agreements that the customer must select before making a purchase. These include:

  • No real names
  • Will not use for fraudulent purposes
  • Will not use illegally
  • Exclusively used for entertainment
  • Must respond to company's questions regarding the order in a timely manner

The agreements may ward off some individuals who seek to use the phony medical papers for immoral reasons. It may be likely that a person who is willing to deceive others in their most personal realm is not going to be deterred by the agreements. Some organizations put considerable effort into encouraging customers to think things through before ordering the products.

Trixie Pixie Graphics

Trixie Pixie Graphics is one company that offers the gag services. The company focuses on pranks and tricks, alerting customers to possible legal ramifications for misusing the phony pregnancy papers.

Trixie Pixie Graphics suggests that the ideal candidates for such paperwork are middle-aged women who want to prank their husbands, friends, and relatives. However, the company also notes questionable situations as well and urges visitors to consider their specific situations carefully before proceeding to order the false pregnancy paperwork.

Questionable Motives

Playing a trick on a significant other can be a thrill but it is critical to consider the target, as well as the motivations, behind the prank. Consider the ramifications of playing such a trick if you intend to use the novelty item for sport.

  • Emotional responses may not be what you expect. You may be surprised to discover that your significant other is thrilled that you are expecting. The disappointment can be detrimental. On the other hand, you may be taken back by your partner's dismay over the false pregnancy.
  • Trust issues can develop because of such a drastic prank. Unless your target has a remarkable sense of humor, it may be best to stick with gags that are not intertwined with such an important subject.

Love Test

Trixie Pixie Graphics notes that the company is aware of customers who want to use the fake documentation to test how much their partners care about them. Using false pregnancy papers as a true love test is a manipulative move that can backfire on the participants. A person's response to the fake pregnancy results is automatic and it may have serious ramifications on the relationship.

Scare Tactic

Another questionable motive involves using the documents to scare a young woman into refraining from intercourse. Some adults may find the phony pregnancy papers to be a great way to shock their minor daughters into changing their behaviors. The approach is deceptive, beginning with a routine visit to the doctor followed a few days later by the fake documentation.

The shock of an unplanned pregnancy can be emotionally devastating to a young woman. In addition, the realization that the paperwork is false can be detrimental to the relationship between parent and child.

Legal Ramifications

The legal ramifications of using the fake pregnancy documents illegally are significant, especially if the customer uses real names. Using the papers for questionable reasons can lead to fines and penalties.

There seems to be little use for fake pregnancy papers other than to play a prank. It is important to keep in mind that the joke may not yield the expected response.

Fake Pregnancy Documents