Choosing Stylish and Comfy Maternity Exercise Clothing

Pregnant woman wearing stylish workout clothes

When pregnant, whether you feel like it or not, exercise is essential, and therefore, you'll need exercise maternity clothing. Chances are, the better the clothes feel, the more likely you will be to put them on and work out.

Types of Exercise

Ready to exercise? Perhaps before pregnancy you were already on a regimented exercise routine. However, for those who are new to daily exercise, start slowly and start early. In the first trimester of your pregnancy, you may not even feel like taking the dog for a morning walk. Now is the time to vow that as soon as you start to feel better and the nausea subsides, you will stick to an exercise plan.

Doctors advise that as long as the exercise doesn't make your body bear extra weight, it is safe for you to do. Walking, low-impact aerobics, yoga, and swimming are some of the best exercises during pregnancy. Avoid lying on your back, standing for long periods of time, or any sport that could increase your risk of an injury or fall. It is best to stay away from contact sports. When in question, consult your doctor.

The Best Exercise Maternity Clothing for You

What do you need to ensure that exercise will be as beneficial as it can be? Clothing that breathes and is loose-fitting is ideal. Depending on the weather and your own body temperature, pull on a pair of stretch pants, cropped knit pants, a hoodie, or a baggy t-shirt and let your muscles work. Pants with a belly panel or elastic waist, and even an elastic waistband with a drawstring, make for a good fit.

You will want clothes that are washable, made of cotton, spandex, lycra, or a rayon/polyester blend.

The Unitard

The unitard, made of a stretchy fabric--a blend of cotton and lycra--has a lined bra that offers support as you work out at the gym. This is a favorite among pregnant women because of the roominess it provides in the tummy. The unitard can be a short-sleeved one piece outfit with shorts, or it can have three-quarter-length sleeves and leggings that come down to your ankles.

In-Style Clothing

If you want to look more fashionable during yoga class or at the gym, view these stores online:

  • Eva Lillian offers a variety of stylish exercise wear for the expecting mom, including maternity swim wear.
  • Fit Maternity is where you can purchase all sorts of comfortable and casual clothing, including a four-piece tennis outfit.
  • Mimi Maternity can help you dress in yoga pants and cotton Bermuda shorts. Prenatal yoga DVDs and instructional balance ball beginners exercising kits are also available to order.
  • Stella Maternity has great yoga sets for stylish and active moms-to-be.

Inexpensive Exercise Maternity Clothing

Don't want to spend a fortune on exercise maternity clothing? Consider going online to check out the selections and prices at stores like Target, Sears, or JCPenney. Here you can find inexpensive clothes for pregnancy exercise. You can also purchase cheap maternity clothes or borrow exercise maternity clothing from a friend.One other option is to make your own clothes. Creating your maternity clothing works well for those with the ability to sew.

Don't Neglect the Maternity Bra

As your body changes, your breasts will increase in size. Make sure they are well-supported.

Sports bras can be purchased for all the levels of sport activities you plan to do--low or medium impact--during your pregnancy. You always need a good-fitting bra; don't neglect owning a few now to ensure your comfort during your pregnancy. You will feel more like exercising when your bra fits.

For tips on how to measure for a bra, read this article on finding the size you need for your maternity bra.


Now that you've found some comfortable and roomy exercise clothing, get out there and move! Exercising during pregnancy will help your body, spirit, and mind. A few weeks after you have your baby, you will be able to continue the routine you have started and get on the road to your pre-pregnancy shape.

Here's to a wonderful and healthy pregnancy!

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Choosing Stylish and Comfy Maternity Exercise Clothing