7 Terrific Designer Maternity Dresses

Designer Maternity Dress

While many women live in jeans and t-shirts during their pregnancy, there are certain times when a designer maternity dress is in order.

Maternity Dress Options

When you're shopping for a designer maternity dress, there are a number of choices you must make. For example:

  • Color. Do you prefer a basic black dress or a more daring pink ensemble?
  • Print. Do you want a subtle floral print or a bold geometric design?
  • Fabric. Do you prefer simple cotton, elegant silk, or soft stretch jersey fabric?
  • Length. Do you want a dress that's short and sexy or one that is longer and more conservative?

Finding a stylish designer maternity dress is easy when you shop online. You can compare a wide variety of styles from the comfort of your own home. If you're worried about finding the proper fit, look for stores with a liberal return policy or take pictures of your favorite styles to the nearest retail location so you can try them on in person.

Check out the following websites to get started on your search for designer maternity dresses:

Designer Maternity Dress Styles

While designer maternity dresses come in styles to fit every fashion personality, the wrap dress and the empire waist dress continue to be among the most popular.

The Wrap Dress

It's no secret that a wrap dress is almost universally flattering, since it adds definition where you need it the most. It's the perfect maternity wardrobe staple, since most styles are adjustable to work throughout the nine months of your pregnancy.

If you're looking for a wrap dress, check out these beautiful designer maternity dress styles:

  • The Simple Dress comes in shades of blue and is perfect for work or cocktails. This maternity dress features a comfortable, flowy fit.

The Empire Waist Dress

While there's nothing wrong with flaunting the shape of your pregnant belly, some women feel a bit more comfortable in a style that minimizes the shape of their expanding tummy. An empire waist dress provides a stylish way to accomplish this goal. It fits around the bust to create an attractive neckline, then flows from just under the bust to camouflage your stomach.

If you're looking for an empire waist dress, check out these beautiful designer maternity dress styles:

The Six Way Dress

For something completely new in designer maternity wear, consider the 6 Way Dress sold at Motherly Instincts. This elegant, versatile garment feels lovely, and hangs superbly. If you have a special occasion, this is the ultimate special occasion dress because you can choose from more than six style options to suit your mood and the occasion. And you can wear it long after your baby arrives!

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7 Terrific Designer Maternity Dresses