Great Ways to Track Your Pregnancy Day by Day

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Whether you take a peek at an online calendar or create your own, a day by day pregnancy record can help you pass the time until your new bundle of joy arrives.

Day by Day Pregnancy Calendars Online

A day by day pregnancy calendar can be an interesting way to learn more about the changes your body is going through during this special time. If this is not your first child, an online calendar can also provide a starting point for discussing the baby with his/her older siblings.

Helpful online pregnancy calendars include:

  • Just Mommies lets you enter your due date to create a printable pregnancy calendar. The calendar offers a new pregnancy fact about your baby's growth and development for each day, plus spaces to jot down your weight, blood pressure, and questions for your doctor. You may even want to keep a copy of this calendar in your child's baby book as a special souvenir.
  • IVillage lets you customize your pregnancy calendar according to the first day of your last period, your conception date, or your expected due date. You can also enter the length of your menstrual cycle to create a more precise listing of daily pregnancy changes.

If you don't have time to keep up with a day by day pregnancy calendar, LoveToKnow Pregnancy has prepared a Pregnancy Week by Week guide that provides an abbreviated version of the information you'd find on a daily pregnancy guide.

Keeping Track of Your Pregnancy Experiences

If you'd like to create a personal record of your pregnancy experiences, you have more options than ever before.


Keeping a diary can be a wonderful way to record your experiences during this special time in your life. Buy a beautiful hardcover journal and a pretty pen, then get in the habit of spending 10 to 15 minutes each day jotting down your thoughts and feelings about your baby's arrival.


A scrapbook is basically a more elaborate version of a diary, complete with photos and memorabilia. To keep it simple, make calendar pages that give you a small area for a photo and some notes each day. Place pockets at the back of the album to hold ultrasound photos, clothing tags, paint swatches from the baby's nursery, cards from family and friends, or any other special trinkets you wish to keep to remind you of your pregnancy experiences. For more tips about creating a scrapbook of your pregnancy, visit LoveToKnow Scrapooking.


If you'd like to make sure all your friends and family can stay up-to-date with your pregnancy news, consider creating a pregnancy blog. Services such as Blogger are free and easy to use even if you have minimal technical skills. When you're finished, you can even use a service such as Blurb to turn your blog postings into a keepsake hardcover book for your baby. Check out LoveToKnow Social Networking for tips and tutorials to help you set up your pregnancy blog.


For those who have an interest in home movies and access to the right equipment, a video diary can be a unique way to capture key pregnancy moments. The day you told the baby's father you were pregnant, your first doctor's appointment, shopping for maternity clothes, attending your baby shower, and decorating the baby's nursery are all events worth of video footage. Of course, whether or not you allow a video camera into the delivery room is entirely up to you!


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Great Ways to Track Your Pregnancy Day by Day