Creating Cute Maternity Outfits You'll Love

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Pregnant women, whether four months or nine months pregnant, all need a variety of cute maternity outfits. If you work five days a week or stay home with your kids, looking nice while pregnant may feel like an impossible task; thankfully, many makers of maternity wear have been able to create cute and fashionable clothing that is also comfortable--an absolute necessity for pregnant women.

Cute Maternity Outfits

A bulging belly may require you to think differently about the lines you create with your clothing. If you were always one for extremely low waists, your pregnant silhouette will have shifted the emphasis upwards of where you would normally look for emphasis. The key to cute maternity outfits is to emphasize the right places while de-emphasizing the places that may be not so flattering right now.

While your first instinct may be to hide your bulging belly, the opposite is usually the best way to go. Draw attention to your baby bump in order to create clean lines with your pregnant silhouette. Maternity pants and skirts are often not as flattering as their pre-pregnancy counterparts, so drawing attention to your new curves in the waist and chest area will draw attention away from potentially ill-fitting pants.

Maternity Outfits for Summer

Being pregnant in summertime is no walk in the park but, with the right clothing, you can stay cool and still feel presentable even on the hottest summer days.

Capris and Leggings

Many of the most flattering maternity tops are tunic tops, which flow well below the natural waist. The bulkiness of this kind of top can be offset by fitted leggings or by capri pants, making for an adorable summer outfit. Aim for flowing fabrics and pair with flip flops or other sandals for maximum comfort.


Sundresses not only look great on pregnant women, they also do a fantastic job of keeping you cool. Empire waists are the norm, but you may want to steer clear of any dress with a too-ornamented top, which can pull the dress, and your silhouette, off-balance.

Maternity Outfits for Work

While you may want to hide your pregnancy in the first few months, a host of business maternity wear options can have you looking both pregnant and professional for a full nine months.


Maternity dress suits have a very nicely tailored jacket to go with either pants or a skirt. Often, the jacket will have only a ribbon tie or a few buttons with a rounded edge over the belly so that the jacket looks as though it is only supposed to partially cover the belly. Maternity suits create a very polished look and can be paired with a simple blouse or a colorful top to finish the outfit off.

Maternity Blouses

If your work does not require dressing up in suits, you may want to invest in several pairs of well-tailored maternity pants and a variety of dressy tunics, blouses, and sweaters. Separates can quickly become a great outfit when matched with the right shoes, handbag, and jewelry.

Maternity Evening Wear

Pregnant women also need the perfect outfit for a night at the ballet or their company Christmas party. For these occasions, a cocktail dress or an evening gown might fit the bill. Thankfully, this is one of the areas in which maternity clothing has really soared in recent years. Check out this amazing maternity evening wear from makers like A Pea in the Pod, Motherhood Maternity, and Lauren Kiyomi.

Unique Style

No matter what your personal clothing style is, and no matter how pregnant you are, there are plenty of maternity clothing options available from which to create cute maternity outfits for virtually every occasion.

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Creating Cute Maternity Outfits You'll Love