7 Creative Ways to Tell People You're Expecting

Happy couple looking at a positive pregnancy test

Since part of the fun of getting a positive pregnancy test is sharing your good news, it's natural to find yourself in search of creative ways to tell people you are expecting.

When Should I Make the Announcement?

For many pregnant women, the question of when to share their news with family and friends presents a dilemma. While some can't wait to shout out the news as soon as they take a home pregnancy test, others require a bit more time to process the fact they'll be expecting a new addition to the family. Although it was once traditional to wait until you were 10-12 weeks along before making a formal pregnancy announcement, you should feel free to share your news whenever you feel comfortable.

If you decide to share your news as soon as you find out:

  • You'll be able to share your excitement with your friends and family.
  • People will be more understanding if you have days when you're not feeling well.
  • You'll have to deal even earlier with people offering unwanted advice about everything from baby names to daycare providers.
  • If you miscarry, you'll need to tell everyone.

If you wait to tell everyone:

  • You'll have a bit more time to process the news before everyone starts offering parenting tips.
  • You won't need to worry about retracting the pregnancy announcement once you're far enough along that an early miscarriage is no longer a concern.
  • Some people may suspect you're hiding something if you start to show before you make a formal announcement.
  • If it's your first pregnancy and you have questions, you won't be able to discuss your concerns with others.

Creative Ways to Tell People You Are Expecting

When you want to make a statement, consider the following creative ways to tell people you are expecting:

  • Take a photo of your positive pregnancy test, then use it as your Facebook profile picture.
  • If you have an older child, make a t-shirt that says "Future Big Brother" or "Future Big Sister." Dress your child in the shirt, then wait to see how many people notice.
  • Make a meal with a "baby" theme by serving baby back ribs with baby carrots.
  • Pass out fun-size Baby Ruth candy bars with a note that announces your due date.
  • Present your loved ones with small picture frames filled with your ultrasound or a card that features a baby rattle and a note that reads "Picture to arrive on (your due date)."
  • Wrap up an empty box with a note that says "Present to arrive on (your due date)."
  • If you decide to wait until you're starting to show, put on a form-fitting top and tie a big bow around your belly.

Remember, you don't necessarily need to tell everyone at once. You can make a special private meal for your significant other, then tell your parents the good news by giving them a memorable Christmas gift. The choice is up to you.

The Pain of Infertility

When searching for creative ways to tell people you are expecting, many pregnant women wonder how to best approach loved ones who are struggling to begin or expand their own families. Generally, it's best to announce your pregnancy news privately whenever you are concerned about how someone will react. If you're planning on making one public announcement, consider telling your loved one with a letter or phone call before the event. This will give her some time to process the news without feeling like she's been put on the spot.

You don't need to apologize for getting pregnant, but you should try not to take it personally if your friend or family member doesn't react as positively as you had hoped at first. Many infertile women find themselves feeling slightly jealous or resentful when told of another woman's pregnancy, but most do eventually find a way to cope with the news and happily welcome the little bundle of joy.

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7 Creative Ways to Tell People You're Expecting