Conception Curve Fertility Pillow

Fertility pillows may help conception

Using a Conception Curve fertility pillow may give couples trying to conceive a "leg up" when it comes to successfully getting pregnant. Although many women may have heard of a pregnancy pillow for back and abdominal support while pregnant, the idea of a specially designed pillow that aids in conception is fairly new.

Fertility Pillow Uses

Women have been propping their hips up after sex for years, trying to help sperm reach their eggs and increase their chances of conception. Numerous ways of doing this have been found, from standing upside down to propping hips upon stacked pillows to holding legs up against a wall.

A fertility pillow, such as the one made by Conception Curve, can provide a comfortable means of tilting the cervix and uterus for optimal sperm travel. The design makes it easier for women to remain in a lifted position for a longer period of time. The patented design helps gravity do its part in conceiving a child.

Conception Curve Fertility Pillow Highlights

The Conception Curve Positioning Pillow offers a supportive way for women to lift their hips after having sex. Made of polyurethane foam, the 2-pound pillow can hold women of various shapes and sizes. Other highlights of the pillow include:

  • Machine-washable satin cover
  • Side handles
  • Designed to fit women's bodies
  • Dimensions of 18"x19"x16"

People who want to attempt a home artificial insemination may find this pillow useful when actually attempting to do the procedure. However, those who want to use the pillow for this purpose should consider any legal and emotional ramifications before doing so.

The pillow does not need to be discarded after pregnancy has been achieved. It can be used as a supportive backrest during and after pregnancy or while nursing. Prop pregnant swelling feet up on the pillow to alleviate aches and pains.

Pillow Talk

The creator of the Conception Curve fertility pillow is Christy Carlo Musumeci Drangula, a former news anchor for MSNBC. She created the pillow while trying to conceive and ended up pregnant with twins. After discarding several designs, the final product was granted a patent in August 2005.

A number of pregnancy experts endorse the idea of elevating a woman's hips and buttocks after sex for conception. Conception Curve cites the following studies, guides, and doctors as supporting the idea of elevating the cervix after sex:

  • Dr. Christopher D. Williams, author of The Fastest Way to Get Pregnant Naturally
  • Dr. Ruth's Pregnancy Guide for Couples
  • Getting Pregnant What You Need to Know Right Now
  • Division of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. McGill University, Quebec, Canada

Buy Conception Curve Pillow

To purchase the Conception Curve fertility pillow, visit the company website. Other websites that sell the pillow include:

  • The Fertility Shop
  • Health and Yoga Marketplace

Compare shipping prices between websites and be sure to search for a coupon code before ordering a pillow for fertility use.

Product Reviews

With the relative newness of the Conception Curve Positioning Pillow, it has not received many reviews. However, a number of blogs and articles have mentioned the product in relation to getting pregnant. Even Yahoo! Answers users have found out about the pillow and want to know more.

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Conception Curve Fertility Pillow