Types of Childbirth Prep Videos

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Childbirth videos are a great way to prepare for the impending delivery of your baby. Before you purchase a childbirth video, you should consider narrowing down your options as to how you want your baby delivered.

Preparing for Your Baby's Birth

While childbirth books and classes are terrific ways to learn about what to expect when you deliver your baby, nothing really illustrates the situation better than video. And, the more specific you find the video to your situation, the better it will prepare you for your own delivery experience. For example, if you are expecting triplets and your ob professional deems it a medical necessity to deliver your babies in an operating room, watching a childbirth video about water birth may not provide you with much information pertinent to your childbirth experience.

One great video about labor and delivery is Laugh and Learn About Childbirth. This comprehensive DVD set is both funny and informative.

Types of Childbirth Videos

Home Childbirth

Home childbirth is often under the care of a midwife. It allows you the maximum amount of privacy and control over where and how you give birth. You can choose to have your baby in your own bed, on a pallet on the floor surrounded by friends and family, in a bathtub, or a birthing tub. You can invite your entire family to the big event, including your other children, which many hospitals may not allow. Home childbirth also has a downside. If complications arise, a mother may find the way a midwife handles the situation differs from how an OB might handle the situation under his care. A home childbirth video can help you prepare for complications and show you the advantages of giving birth to your baby at home.

Position Specific Videos

Whether you are interested in delivering your baby in a squatting position, a birthing chair, having a water birth, or have already been informed by your doctor that you will need to deliver via a cesarean, you can find a childbirth video that will help you visualize the procedure. You can find informative videos online at sites like Having Your Baby video which features two Lamaze instructors as they teach you everything you need to know about childbirth.

Pain Relief Childbirth Alternatives

You have heard the horror stories about childbirth and the pain associated with it. You may have also heard stories about how an epidural can lengthen the time you are in labor. In your local bookstore or online, you can locate childbirth videos that will discuss in-depth your pain relief options, including such choices as hypnosis and natural childbirth. Look for the following DVDs:

Tips to Purchasing a Birth Video

Not all childbirth videos are created the same. Here are some tips for choosing the best from the rest:

  • Visit a website like Amazon.com where childbirth videos are rated by those who have already purchased the video.
  • Notice when the movie was made. The more current productions are apt to provide you with the most current medical opinion and procedures.
  • Look to your local library for copies of childbirth videos. View them, then decide which videos you want to purchase.

Free Online Videos

Finally, don't overlook the wealth of free resources that can be found on the Internet. Check out resources like Hip Chicks Pregnancy Guide on Youtube and a nice selection of childbirth videos at Baby Center. In addition, check out a wide selection of childbirth and pregnancy videos on YouTube.

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Types of Childbirth Prep Videos