Childbirth Cartoons

Looking at childbirth cartoons online

Every pregnant woman needs to laugh now and then and childbirth cartoons are a great way to get a quick giggle. These zingy little one-liners will bring a smile to any face and they're available online for free. Most cartoonists do not allow anyone to repost their works without purchasing a license first, so be wary of posting these on a website or blog without the permission of the artist.

Dan's Cartoons

Dan Rosandich is a cartoonist and illustrator who has drawn cartoons for high-end publications such as Reader's Digest and Better Homes and Gardens. He guarantees that all of his cartoons are 100 percent family friendly, so his site is definitely work-safe. His collection of pregnancy, baby, and childbirth cartoons is free to view but he does charge a fee for the use of his cartoons on the web or in print.

The Cartoonist's Group

The Cartoonist's Group offers a collection of pregnancy and childbirth cartoons from a variety of artists. These cartoons are more politically oriented and tend to make statements about how pregnancy and childbirth fit into the world as a whole. This site might be perfect for pregnant women whose sense of humor bends toward the satirical. Expect fewer belly laughs and more wry smiles from this cartoon collection. This site does allow users to send free e-cards with the cartoon of their choice and has a variety of cartoon-imprinted merchandise for sale.

Randy Glasbergen

Professional cartoonist Randy Glasbergen has a small selection of his childbirth cartoons on his website. His dry sense of humor makes these cartoons unfailingly amusing. For more childbirth cartoons from Mr. Glasbergen, check out his book Oh Baby on

Mark Parisi

Mark Parisi has been drawing his syndicated comic Off the Mark since 1987 and the National Cartoonists Society has twice nominated it for Best Newspaper Comic Panel. Parisi's childbirth cartoons are witty and sometimes sarcastic, but always funny. He may not have ever had a baby himself, but he does have a daughter and calls her and his wife his "inspiration."

Childbirth Cartoons

For a quick smile, cartoons about pregnancy can't be beat. Pregnant women may think they could never laugh about morning sickness, swelling ankles, endless and expensive fertility treatments, or years of trying to conceive, but the cartoons mentioned don't treat any part of the pregnancy experience as taboo. Even dilation and the urgent need for an immediate epidural are part of the humor, helping women who have just had a baby to move past the difficulty and find the humor in childbirth.

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Childbirth Cartoons