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Article Highlight: Planning Your Maternity Leave

If you are pregnant and have a career, you may have concerns about taking your maternity leave. There are steps you can take and resources you can access to help ensure that your maternity leave will go smoothly… Keep reading »

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Pregnancy can be filled with ups and downs and often times, there can be a lot of confusing information thrown around, especially when it comes to your career and leave options. LovetoKnow has plenty of useful and helpful topics when it comes to maternity leave, heading back to work, and the laws surrounding your rights as a pregnant woman and new parent. Better understanding your rights as a pregnant employee and eventually as a new parent can help make this process go a bit smoother.

Understanding Maternity Leave

Maternity leave laws vary from state to state and can be super confusing to keep track of. European countries will also have different laws surrounding maternity and parental leave in comparison to the United States. Part time, full time, and federal employees will have different maternity leave policies as well that will vary based on location. The better you understand the laws around maternity leave, the easier it will be to move through this process and fill out the appropriate paperwork to ensure that you are able to take the time off that you need to connect with your newborn.

Balancing Pregnancy and Employment

Being pregnant while continuing to work can be challenging. You may be feeling more tired, wonder what work appropriate attire you should get to fit your ever changing body, and not know how to fit in all of your pregnancy related appointments during your busy work week. You may wonder when the right time to tell your coworkers and boss about your pregnancy as well. When you feel ready to head back to work, you can also opt to tell your employer in a professional way with a return to work letter, or you can send in a resignation letter if you've decided to stay home with your little one for longer. You can also think about extending your maternity leave if you'd like more time with your newborn but still intend on heading back to work. LovetoKnow offers plenty of helpful resources so you can make the right call when it comes to everything work-related.

Staying in the Know When It Comes to Working and Pregnancy

Whether you decide to be a working parent, take extra time off, or quit your job altogether, you know what's best for your growing family. LovetoKnow is here to guide your through this sometimes confusing process and offer you helpful resources to make this transition feel a bit easier.

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