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Whether you are planning on becoming pregnant in the future or suspect that you are currently pregnant, finding a great pregnancy test can help give you the results prior to seeing your doctor for confirmation. There are tons of pregnancy test options to choose from ranging from store-bought tests to homemade tests.

Home Pregnancy Tests

Almost all home pregnancy tests offer several options including digital and line pregnancy tests. Typically, digital tests run a bit more expensive and yield results that are as accurate as a line test. You can also try home-made tests such as the sugar test, the toothpaste test, or the vinegar test. Although not as accurate as a store-bought test, these homemade tests can be taken if you're unable to get a pregnancy test kit that day.

Taking the Test

To ensure that you get the most accurate results possible, it's important to read through the pregnancy test instructions carefully before using it. Some line tests will have a line that becomes clear that tells you whether the test was taken correctly or if the test results have been compromised. Digital tests may read error if the results are faulty or if the test stick isn't working properly. No matter how well a company quality controls, know that you may still get a faulty test, so it's best to take a few tests before giving your doctor a call.

What to Expect at Your Doctor's Visit

Your doctor will most likely confirm your pregnancy through a urine test, a blood test, or both. Blood tests can check to see how high your pregnancy hormones are and whether they are in the ideal range. If they are a bit low, your doctor will explain to you the next course of action and may have you come in to get retested within the same week. If you are pregnant, your doctor will let you know when you should come in again to receive an ultrasound or listen to the heartbeat.

Understanding Your Test Results

At home pregnancy tests are never 100 percent accurate and there typically is a margin of user error lowering the accuracy a bit more. To ensure that you have a definite answer, give your doctor a call right away if you suspect you are pregnant and your at home or home-made pregnancy test has confirmed this. Your doctor can then give you several tests to verify the results and track your pregnancy if you are pregnant.

Pregnancy Test Facts