Pregnancy Health, Exercise, and Diet

Article Highlight: Increased Cervical Mucus Discharge in Early Pregnancy

Starting early in pregnancy, the normal increase in your hormones changes the appearance and other qualities of your cervical mucus. Note that infection in your cervix or vagina and other factors can modify the… Keep reading »

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Pregnancy Weight Gain

As women, we often tend to neglect our own needs while caring for others. However, it's important to make time for yourself during pregnancy. Making a baby is hard work! Attending to your physical, mental, and emotional health will make this difficult task much easier.

The Importance of Pregnancy Health and Exercise

To keep your body in prime condition, it's a good idea to maintain a regular exercise routine and consume a well-balanced diet. You'll also want to avoid smoking during your pregnancy and limit your caffeine intake. Making a commitment to lead a healthy lifestyle during your pregnancy will reduce your risk of developing unpleasant pregnancy symptoms such as stretch marks, morning sickness, or hair loss.

If you're a first-time mother, you may be especially worried about how your new bundle of joy will affect your relationship with your partner. While pregnant women were once cautioned to avoid sexual activity, experts now believe intercourse is safe for women with uncomplicated pregnancies. Spending some time alone with your partner is also a great way to strengthen your bond during this time of transition.

While pregnancy is a time of great excitement, it's often filled with a fair amount of turmoil. Changing hormonal levels may leave you prone to sudden mood swings. You may also feel anxious about the impending responsibility of parenthood. Relaxing with a pregnancy massage is a great way to unwind. Many women also decide to enroll in prenatal yoga classes to stay in shape while reducing their stress levels.

Pregnancy Health, Exercise, and Diet