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Article Highlight: Awesome Expert Tips for Losing Baby Weight

Those extra pounds that hang on after your initial six weeks postpartum baby weight loss might be difficult to lose. This is especially true if you gained a lot of weight during your pregnancy. However, with… Keep reading »

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Whether you're trying to conceive or recently found out you're expecting, adding a new member to your family can be a time of great joy as well as confusion. With so much conflicting advice available, how do you sort out the fact from the fiction?

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At LoveToKnow Pregnancy, we're here to help you prepare for your baby's arrival by providing articles with the helpful and practical advice you need. We've interviewed pregnancy experts from around the globe to provide answers to all your questions about this amazing journey.

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  • Do you want to know what steps you can take to improve your chances of becoming pregnant?

Donnica L. Moore, M.D., a leading women's health expert who has appeared on Oprah, The View, and Good Morning America, shares her advice regarding the best time to plan intercourse and how to increase your chances of conceiving.

  • Are you wondering if male fertility problems could be to blame for your trouble conceiving? Check out our interview with Dr. Samuel Pang, men's fertility expert at the Reproductive Science Center of New England.
  • Do you find yourself worrying about how to keep your sense of style even as your belly continues to grow? Kellie Ulrich, owner of the maternity wear boutique Urban Belly in Des Moines, IA, helps LTK Pregnancy readers learn to celebrate this special time of life with fashion and the latest trends in maternity wear.
  • Is your excitement over your pregnancy dampened by your fear of not being able to lose your baby weight? Jackie Keller, healthy lifestyle coach and founder of NutriFit, provides LTK Pregnancy readers with tips for having a healthy pregnancy and regaining your figure as quickly as possible.
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