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Birth control pills and a calendar

For most women, there is only a small window around the date of ovulation when it's possible to become pregnant. If you'd like to become pregnant, it's helpful to have a good understanding of your menstrual cycle and the outside influences that can affect your fertility.

While some people can become pregnant with very little effort, others find that trying to conceive a baby takes a bit more work.

Infertility Treatments

If you have been struggling with infertility, there are many treatments that may provide the assistance you need to become pregnant. For example, Clomid is an affordable oral medication that stimulates the ovaries to produce more eggs and follicles during the days before ovulation. In Vitro Fertilization, a procedure in which a woman's egg cells are fertilized outside her body and then are implanted in her uterus, is another infertility treatment to consider. While only a qualified healthcare provider can decide if a particular treatment is appropriate for your needs, it's always a good idea to be aware of your options.

Choosing Birth Control

If you've recently given birth, you may be thinking about your birth control options. While many women believe breastfeeding is an effective method of birth control, most healthcare providers recommend a backup form of contraception. The birth control pill is the most popular method of contraception since it's affordable, safe, and effective. If you have problems remembering to take a daily pill, the birth control patch may be a good alternative. Your healthcare provider will most likely want to discuss your contraception options at your postpartum checkup.

Useful Conception and Birth Control Info