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There is much to consider when trying to conceive a pregnancy or when trying to prevent a pregnancy. Whether the discussion is about possible fertility problems or the type of birth control your should be prescribed, your doctor will be able to knowledgably advise and guide you on what your options are and what would be best for you.

Planning to Conceive

If you are planning for pregnancy, you may want to consider getting a check-up prior to conception. However, if you are already actively trying to get pregnant, but have not had success, there are things you can do to help the process. You may want to use an ovulation predictor kit, a fertility chart or a fertility calendar to help you figure out the best days to conceive. It is important to learn the signs and know when you're ovulating as well. This will also improve your chances of conception.

Fertility Issues

If you have been struggling with fertility issues, you may want to first try natural ways or even herbs and vitamins to help boost your fertility.

See a Professional

If your initial efforts at resolving fertility issues don't work, you may want to make an appointment at a fertility clinic. Here they will try to determine the underlying cause of your infertility; for example, you may have endometriosis or are advanced maternal age which can affect your fertility.


Your doctor will let you know your options and if you need to be prescribed clomid or another fertility medication and if you'll need IUI (intrauterine insemination) or IVF (in-vitro fertilization). The doctor will also let you know if you are not a candidate for fertility treatment and he may recommend finding a surrogate to carry your baby.

Choosing Birth Control

If you want to prevent pregnancy because you're simply not ready to have a baby or you've recently given birth, you may be exploring the various birth control methods and wondering what method would work best for you. Discussing your options with your doctor is advised. He or she will inform you of how the various birth control work and how effective they are. The different types of birth control he will likely suggest include:

Be reassured that your doctor will give you all the facts and let you know the pros and cons of the different birth control available. The birth control method you ultimately choose should be the one that will accommodate you health-wise and fit your lifestyle best.

Your Best Resource

Keep in mind that whether you are dealing with birth control, fertility issues, or pregnancy, your doctor will be your best resource. He or she will inform, advise and help determine which options will specifically work best for you.

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