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When you discover you're pregnant, you will undoubtedly have many questions that need to be answered. It is important that you know what to expect and understand the many physical and emotional changes, as well as the life changes you will experience now that you're pregnant.

Know When You're Pregnant

A positive pregnancy test will be the most conclusive way to determine pregnancy.

Signs and Symptoms

However, you will most likely experience some tell-tale signs and symptoms of pregnancy as well. Some of these symptoms can begin as early as the first month into your pregnancy. Morning sickness is one of the more common symptoms of pregnancy. If you're expecting twins, your pregnancy symptoms may be different than if you were expecting a single baby.

Early Concerns

There may also be some concern if you have spotting, bleeding or cramping in the first trimester. Keep in mind, spotting could be a sign of implantation (implantation bleeding) which is when the embryo implants within the uterus, but you should speak with your doctor immediately if you're having heavy bleeding or significant cramping.

Once Pregnancy Is Confirmed

Once it is confirmed that you are pregnant, you may want to know the best time to announce your pregnancy and come up with a creative way to let your family and friends know. You may also be anxious to know when you will find out the gender of your baby which can be determined in the first trimester with a blood test or in the second trimester with an ultrasound.

Understanding and Managing Your Pregnancy

You may want to understand more about the growth of your baby. This includes the stages of the embryo, your baby's development over nine months and other factors regarding your pregnancy.

Prenatal Care

It is essential that you be vigilant about your prenatal care and understand why having your diagnostic ultrasounds is so important. You may want to know what normal weight gain is during pregnancy, learn about the function of the amniotic fluid, how fetal movements feel, if you are able to fly when you are pregnant or what happens when you're overdue. You may also need helpful tips and advice if you're a single mom, you're pregnant after 40, you're a pregnant teen, or the parent of a pregnant teen.

Prior to Baby's Arrival

It may be a fun and wonderful memory to have maternity photos taken or keep a journal of your pregnancy. You may also need ideas for birth announcements or learn how to take creative and beautiful birth photos. There are also excellent pregnancy magazines and free gifts available to new moms as well.

Once Your Baby Arrives

There are many things to consider once your baby arrives such as the benefits of breastfeeding over bottle feeding. You will have many decisions to make once your little one arrives, however, the most important thing to keep in mind is to enjoy this precious time with your beautiful baby.

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