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Article Highlight: Discharge aka Leukorrhea as a Sign of Early Pregnancy

Changes in your vaginal discharge during early pregnancy are the result of the normal hormonal pattern and progress of pregnancy. Abnormal changes can be signs of vaginal, cervical, or uterine infections or an… Keep reading »

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Whether you have carefully planned your pregnancy or it has taken you by complete surprise, it is not unusual for you to have question about pregnancy and the natural changes it will bring into your life.

Learning About Pregnancy

If you are looking for medical information, lists of Pregnancy Symptoms, ideas about maternity fashions, ways to make this time in your life even more special, or simply want to know others are experiencing the same problems, changes, or joys, LoveToKnow Pregnancy strives to provide you with the tools you need to stay attuned to what is happening with you mentally, physically, and emotionally.

No one person knows everything there is to know about pregnancy, that is why LoveToKnow Pregnancy is a community that invites you to contribute to the growing body of knowledge offered on these pages.

Since every pregnancy is unique, it is not unusual for you to face many topics presented here about pregnancy with a unique perspective. This unique perspective can serve as an example to other women and help prepare them for the awesome experience of parenthood. It is a gift that only you are qualified to share, and it is one that will be appreciated by both the LoveToKnow staff, who loves to hear their work has inspired others to thought, and by the many readers who look to us for a vast bank of pregnancy knowledge.

The Ultimate Gift

Learn to take control of your pregnancy and to enjoy it. The ability to bring a new life into this world is the ultimate gift.

Valuable Pregnancy Info and Advice