Belly Bands

Belly Bands for a more stylish maternity
Belly Bands can help you stay in your favorite pants longer.

Don't store away all of your pre-pregnancy pants just yet, you can use belly bands! This pregnancy essential saves you money and makes it possible for you to wear what you love for much longer.

Belly Bands for Your Pants and Skirts

Once you can't zip or button your pre-pregnancy jeans, pants, or skirts, belly bands give you a discreet way to continue to wear them. They are made of stretchy, soft material that you wrap around your waist on top of your pre-pregnancy pants or skirt. It holds your pants/skirt in place while concealing that you can't zip or button them up any longer.

How Long You Can Wear Them

You can start wearing belly bands as soon as your pants or skirts become too uncomfortable to button. Due to the stretchiness of the material, it will grow with you. Once you are unable to wear your pre-pregnancy clothes, you can use the belly band to reinforce your maternity pants. In the last trimester, when you find that your pants have a difficult time staying at your waist, the band will help keep them where you want them.

Styles You Can Buy

You can buy belly bands in many different colors, patterns, and with lace. You can purchase multiple bands and coordinate them with your outfit or hide it under your maternity shirts. If you choose to conceal it, be sure not to buy a color that people can see through your maternity shirt such as a black band under a white shirt.

Knowing What Size to Buy

When you shop for belly bands, you will have four sizes to choose from, depending on your pre-pregnancy size.

Sizing Your Belly Bands
Pre-pregnancy 0-4 Pre-pregnancy 6-12 Pre-pregnancy 14-18 Pre-pregnancy 18-24
Size 1 Size 2 Size 3 Size 4

Where to Buy

Belly bands can be purchased at most maternity shops, like Motherhood Maternity. However, if you are looking for more variety in colors and patterns, you may want to shop online. The following are some Internet sites that sell them.

How Much They Cost

Depending on the color, style, and manufacturer, you can expect to pay between $15 and $30 for one. But, keep in mind that the belly band saves you money by keeping you out of maternity clothing for longer and helping you wear the same size for most, if not all, of your pregnancy.

Considerations Before You Buy

Some people report that their only problem with the belly band is that it falls often, so they have to keep pulling them up. They also scrunch up and have to be readjusted to keep them at the waist. This problem may be specific to a person's body type because many other people report having no problems and love them.

You may want to start by buying only one of these and trying it out. If you find that you enjoy wearing it, then you can invest more in them and buy enough to complement your entire maternity wardrobe>.

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Belly Bands