Ways to Feel Beautiful and Sexy During Early Pregnancy

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Finding out that you're pregnant can be incredibly exciting. If you're feeling less than sexy once some uncomfortable early pregnancy symptoms set in, there are several ways you can boost your confidence.

Bumping Up Your Sexiness

As your body begins to change and you start to feel the symptoms that tend to accompany pregnancy, your self esteem may take a dip. You may feel sick to your stomach, start to grow out of your old bra size, and notice other physical changes that impact how you feel about yourself.

Shifting Your Mindset

One of the best ways to boost your confidence is to think about what your automatic thoughts are about being pregnant and your ever changing body. If you are having negative thoughts about yourself, or feel disconnected from the idea of being pregnant, that's totally okay. It can take time for this to sink in and for you to adjust to carrying around another human being or several. Try to hold in your mind just how incredible it is that you are creating, housing, and protecting your little one. Your body is adjusting immediately to your baby's needs, and that definitely makes you beautiful.

Finding Comfortable Lingerie

One of the first shifts that occurs during early pregnancy is a change in your bra cup size. Your growing breasts may no longer fit into your old bra and you may feel uncomfortable wearing your lingerie. Invest in a bra that accommodates growing breasts. There are several options that not only work for pregnancy, but also for breastfeeding. Options come in simple colors, patterns and lace. Pick something that makes you feel sexy and is comfortable.

Connecting to Your Body

Take a few minutes every day and connect to yourself and your growing little one. Close your eyes, place your hands on your tummy and take a few deep breaths. Doing so can help boost your confidence as a newly pregnant woman. This identity shift takes time, so be patient with yourself and try to do this as often as possible.

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Practicing Self Care

Self care is especially important during pregnancy. A lot of your energy is going towards caring for someone else, so it's a great idea to focus on yourself before the little one arrives. Think about what you would normally do when you want to look especially sexy or beautiful and go for it. This may include getting a massage, having your hair or nails done, or relaxing at home. Just make sure if you seek out other services, you let them know you are pregnant so they can adjust accordingly.

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Capturing Memories

If you're up for it, hire a photographer to take your picture. You can get dressed up for the photo shoot, or go for a more natural look. You can include loved ones in the photographs as well. If you don't want to hire a photographer, you can ask a friend or family member to snap a few photos of you. This may boost your confidence, and you'll also have incredible photos to look back on and cherish.

Taking a Class

Doing something you enjoy can help increase your confidence and overall happiness. Classes will range in pricing, but you can also just look for a single class to take if you're wanting to save some money. You can also buy supplies and have a creative day at home.

Treating Yourself

Treating yourself to a goodie, a meal, or special gift can help you connect to your pregnant self and increase your feelings of sexiness. During pregnancy your nausea can make you feel disconnected from your body and somewhat out of control. Doing something nice is a great way to show yourself some love.

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Creating a Mantra

It can be difficult to keep in mind the bigger picture when you're feeling sick and uncomfortable. Come up with a kind mantra that you can repeat to yourself in times when you're feeling not so hot. You can say to yourself:

  • "I'm a beautiful person and my body is making an incredible sacrifice for my little one."
  • "Pregnancy is a messy, beautiful process that I am fully embracing."
  • "I am learning to love my pregnant body."
  • "I will aim to find ways to feel beautiful and sexy throughout this process."

Boosting Your Confidence

Being pregnant is filled with twists and turns and can really take a toll on your self esteem. With all the physical, emotional, and hormonal shifts that are occurring, it's important to prioritize taking good care of yourself and remembering just how amazing and beautiful you are.

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