Reasons Why Your Guy Might Find You Even Sexier While Pregnant

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With the weight gain, fluid retention and penguin waddle you acquire when you're pregnant, the last thing you probably feel is sexy. However, you may be surprised to learn that it's not unusual for your guy to find you even sexier during pregnancy and there are many reasons he may feel this way.

Reasons Why Pregnancy Is Sexy

There are a number of reasons why your guy may find you sexy when you're pregnant, which include:

All Those Curves

Pregnancy brings about an abundance of curves. Your breasts become more voluptuous, your bottom more shapely and of course we can't forget the lovely roundness of your belly. Some men find the womanly curvaceousness of the pregnant body incredibly attractive and desirable. Don't be surprised if your guy finds it hard to keep his hands off of you.

The Glow

Many women do experience a dewy, pregnancy glow. So, if someone says you are glowing, you are! This is a true phenomenon. During pregnancy, your skin looks particularly healthy and bright which can cause your guy to be undeniable attracted to you. The pregnancy glow is due to a combination of hormones that secrete oil that causes your skin to glisten and the extra blood flow that occurs with pregnancy causes your face to become rosy in color.


Due to the hormones changes from the pregnancy, your body will release a different variation of pheromones when you're pregnant. Pheromones are a chemical substance found in body secretions such as sweat. When you are pregnant, you may even notice your sweat smells different. These pheromones that you are emitting can affect your guy and cause him to be drawn even more to you while you're pregnant.

Sexual Imprint Theory

There are theories that sexual imprinting can be a factor when a man is attracted to a pregnant woman. A study done in Sweden determined that the more prone a boy was to see his mother pregnant when he was between one-and-a half-years-old and five-years-old, the more likely he will be attracted to a woman who is pregnant. His pregnant mom had left a sexual imprint. Therefore, if your partner has younger siblings, it may be a good sign that he will find pregnancy alluring and appealing.

Primal Instinct

That primal instinct still runs deep. It is a natural instinct for a man to want to breed when he sees a pregnant woman. These innate feelings may be another reason why your man finds you enticing and sexy. It is also a natural instinct for a man to want to protect and care for their pregnant woman as well.

Endearing Closeness

Your guy may simply feel closer to you when you're pregnant. He also wants to make sure you feel secure and cared for. He may show greater affection and even dote on you while you're pregnant. He is proud of the pregnancy and even of his own fertility that enabled you to become pregnant. This can be a contributing factor in his attraction and sexual interest in you.

Sexual Freedom

Not having to use birth control can be sexy unto itself. Having that freedom to do what you want when you want can be very liberating and exciting for both of you. You may even desire sex more often and the intensity of your orgasms may also be heightened as well. This is due to the extra blood flow that occurs from the pregnancy and is circulating to the uterus and pelvic area.

Sex and Pregnancy

If you are experiencing a healthy pregnancy, there should be no problem maintaining a healthy sex life. Keep in mind, there are situations that no matter how sexy your man thinks you are or how good he makes you feel, you may simply not be up to having sex while you're pregnant. This is normal and absolutely okay. Even though you may not be in the mood for sex at this time, it is essential to keep the intimacy and close bond with each other while you're pregnant.

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Reasons Why Your Guy Might Find You Even Sexier While Pregnant