How Do I Tell My Parents I Am Pregnant?

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How do I tell my parents that I am pregnant? If you're a teen coping with an unplanned pregnancy, telling your parents the news is probably not something you're looking forward to doing. However, this isn't a secret you'll be able to keep for long.

Telling Your Parents

If you're a pregnant teen, do not wait until you're showing to tell your parents. Your instinct may be to hide your pregnancy as long as possible, but this is not a good idea. If you decide to have an abortion, it needs to be done in the first trimester. If you decide to put your baby up for adoption or raise your baby on your own, you need to be seeing a doctor to get proper prenatal care.

Tell your parents before you tell your friends. You don't want your parents to find out you're pregnant through the local rumor mill. If you need to discuss the issue with someone, choose one close friend who can keep a secret.

When you sit down for a discussion with your parents, be ready with your thoughts on how you plan to handle the pregnancy. Showing your parents that you've given serious consideration to your options will make it easier for them to accept the situation. If you're worried you'll get nervous and forget things, consider writing your parents a letter that they can read first.

In most cases, parents of pregnant teens overcome their shock to offer love and support through what is undoubtedly a very difficult time. If you are concerned your parents may become abusive or violent, however, have another trusted adult present when you tell them you are pregnant. This could be an aunt, an older sibling, a teacher, or a family friend.

Additional Resources

Dealing with an unplanned pregnancy is never easy. See Resources for Pregnant Teens for additional information that can help you cope with the important decisions and challenges you may face in the days to come.

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How Do I Tell My Parents I Am Pregnant?