How the DIY Sugar Pregnancy Test Works

Contributor: Julie Kirk

By the first day of your missed period, you may be anxious to find out if you are pregnant. With a few ingredients found in your kitchen, you can create your own sugar pregnancy test and see if this pregnancy-related old wives' tale works for you.

What Is the Sugar and Urine Pregnancy Test?

The sugar pregnancy test is a fun and easy way to find out if you are expecting, but it may not be the most reliable way to confirm pregnancy. It's said that when this homemade urine test is performed, the sugar crystals will clump together if your urine contains the pregnancy hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). This hormone is only present during pregnancy and is produced by the developing placenta. If the hormone is not present, the sugar will dissolve immediately.

What You Will Need for the Test

You will need a few household items in order to perform this test:

  • White sugar
  • A clean sterilized bowl
  • First-morning urine

How to Perform the Test

To get the best results, conduct the test with first-morning urine. Your morning urine has the highest concentration of the HCG hormone and consequently increases the likelihood of getting accurate results.

  1. Take your clean sterilized bowl and add two or three tablespoons of sugar to it.
  2. With your first of the morning urine, urinate into the bowl directly on top of the sugar crystals.
  3. Look for a reaction between the sugar crystals and your urine but wait at least 5 minutes before interpreting your results.

It is important to pee directly onto the sugar to prevent any possibility of contaminating your urine sample before it combines with the sugar. Some women have found it easier to first collect their urine in a sterilized urine cup and then add a few drops of sugar to create the reaction.

How to Read the Results

If the HCG hormone is present in your sample, the sugar will clump together, and this is a positive sign that you are pregnant. If you pee in the bowl and the sugar dissolves immediately, then the test result is negative and you are not pregnant. There are certain factors that can impact your test results, including:

  • Drinking too much water: This can dilute your urine and possibly dilute the levels of HCG making it undetectable and producing a false negative test result.
  • Testing too early: Using this method to confirm pregnancy too soon after a missed period may also result in a false negative reading. You should wait until you have missed your period to use the sugar test.
  • Contamination: Unclean or unsterilized bowl or spoons may cause the sugar to clump and also cause false negative or false positive readings.

What to Do If the Test Is Positive

If your sugar test is positive, and you think you may be pregnant, it's best to visit your healthcare provider to confirm your pregnancy with a more accurate testing method and receive early prenatal care. This will keep you and your baby healthy throughout your pregnancy.

History of the Sugar Test

It's hard to say how long this test has been around but it is believed that the sugar test is one of the oldest and most popular do-it-yourself pregnancy tests. There have not been any formal scientific studies of the sugar test to confirm the accuracy or reliability of the test. For a higher degree of assurance, opt for an over-the-counter test or visit your healthcare provider since there isn't any scientific proof that the sugar pregnancy test works or any solid reviews that help back up the claim.

Confirm With the Experts

How accurate is the sugar pregnancy test? The sugar test provides a fun, quick and inexpensive way to find out if your waist and family will be expanding, but it's accuracy is sketchy at best. So while it may be fun, it is always best, however, to visit your healthcare provider to confirm your pregnancy.

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